British fleet now streaming toward the US to recapture colonies

The Journal of American Rocket Science has reported scores of British four-masted warships sailing westward in the Atlantic Ocean on course toward the United States. The Journal has uncovered secret British intelligence that reveals Britain has long harbored an opportunity to re-take the American Colonies after their humiliating surrender at Yorktown on October 19, 1871, to the Colonial military forces which ended the Revolutionary War. Continue Reading

Is the Republican Party causing unemployment for the nation’s comedians?

Comedian Jon Stewart just returned to The Daily Show after twelve weeks, according to Stewart, preparing for an upcoming film. But informed sources within the Journal of American Rocket Science contend the comedian was working as a laborer harvesting potatoes in an Idaho farm field to supplement his declining income. The reason? Republican Party leaders’ out-of-touch bizarre rambling in mainstream media, provide the American public with more laughs and smirks than the professional comedians can muster. “Some of those outrageous statements show more imagination than we can come up with,” claims a TV writer for a leading political humorist. Continue Reading