Star Tribune stories create false spectre

Recent stories published by the Star Tribune about the MUL (“Did Urban League get paid twice?” April 13, and subsequent stories) have created a false specter of financial impropriety, have distorted the organization’s history in delivery of contracted services and, as a result, have undermined the reputation of a long-standing community organization.
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High rates of teen pregnancy among Minnesota’s Asian girls

[Chart from Department of Health and Human Services.]

Compared to American overall teen pregnancy rates, Asian girls have much higher teen pregnancy rate. Here are facts which may contribute to higher teen pregnancy rate among Asian girls in Minnesota. Here are some facts which may contribute to higher teen pregnancy among sian girls in Minnesota:

According to the report from CDC, Minnesota teens have a higher rate of LARC use than the national average. Also, the access to go to health care provider, and the use of effective birth control methods, including IUDs, and the implants, these may affect the teen pregnancy rate among Asian girls in Minnesota. All adolescents, but especially youth of color, need comprehensive and culturally competent sexual and reproductive health care. Continue Reading

Why I Love My Mah-jongg Group

Five years ago when a close friend told me she wanted to start a mah-jongg group and invited me join her, I immediately said yes. Sure, we were in our thirties, not our eighties, but I liked the idea of getting together with friends for an activity that included neither our children nor our spouses and resembled nothing I had tried with friends before. I also found it appealing that this proposed activity was not a book club, as I’d already been in several mostly-unsuccessful ones in my adult life. I appreciated, too, that playing “mahj,” as it’s more commonly known, would give me something to do with several friends at once that was different from the usual dinner outing for someone’s birthday where you never get to speak to the people on the other side of a long table. My only hesitation on the idea of mah-jongg was that I’d never been good at games, not Scrabble, chess, or any card games. Continue Reading

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Mshale is a newspaper for African immigrants in the Americas. Founded in 1996 in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  Mshale Newspaper has been the voice of the African immigrant community in the United States. Using an aspirational editorial tone, Mshale has over the years highlighted both the successes and challenges of the African immigrant community in the Americas. We have always emphasized active engagement with the African immigrant community and those that interact with it. Continue Reading

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is the oldest minority owned business in the state of Minnesota. It is a newspaper committed to meeting the news and information needs of African Americans. The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is a strong institution with deep roots in the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities. Continue Reading

La Prensa de Minnesota

La Prensa de Minnesota is the oldest and most recognized Latino publication in Minnesota.  La Prensa has a fully bilingual format geared towards reaching the bicultural Latino community and the community at large. La Prensa is a part of the Latino Communications Network. Continue Reading