Memoirs of an 80s Minneapolis Slacker: Fear and loafing in the Whittier neighborhood, ’79 – ’86

In 1979 we saw, near the southwest corner of Whittier, an excellent pre-internet publicity stunt: on the exterior wall of the Yukon Club, then a 3.2 joint at Grand and Lake, a frame in which posters for events at the bar should have appeared. Within the frame, handwritten, it said: “Live. The Pistons. But not here.” Continue Reading

Slacker’s first apartment

My kid: “Gosh your former slacker life sounds amazing! Where the heck does a slacker hang his hat anyway? What was your first place like?”

Me: “I’m not sure I like your cheeky tone young lady! However with the hope that you don’t someday live as I once did I’ll fill you in.” Continue Reading