Lost in the Leamington

Me: “Practically speaking my next job was trading one form of misery for another. You see the service industry may offer a temporary way to pay the bills …”

My kid: “But what did you do? What kind of people did you work with? When was this anyway?” Continue Reading

My first Minneapolis slacker job

Me: “So, harrumph, welI, I don’t believe that young people today have the luxury of living idly. Why it might have been fine 30 years ago to “find yourself” so to speak and try different jobs and lifestyles so forth, but in the 21 century economy a candidate for employment must ….”

My kid: “Dad! Nobody wants to hear you lecturing on the good old days! Tell me what kind of jobs you had when you say you were a cool slacker guy. How’d you pay the rent anyway? Write about that!”  Continue Reading