Movies that could become blockbusters in the sweet, sweaty days of summer 2013

In the days of spring, you can hear them coming. Stand in a movie theater lobby and cock your head to the side just right, and you’ll feel more than hear a rumble emanating from the horizon. Okay, so it’s more likely the sound of movie trailers in nearby theaters that you’ll be hearing and feeling, but isn’t it more epic if the noise comes from the mystical regions of beyond? At any rate, the roar of the summer blockbuster cannot be ignored when April and May spring upon you. For decades the warm summer months have been a time when even on the sunniest of days and the most star-streaked of perfect nights, people have chosen to retreat to the air conditioned caverns of movie theaters. So what compels us to discard perfect outdoor conditions in favor of a cushioned seat in a dark room? The answer: summer blockbusters. Continue Reading

“Warm Bodies” warrants a new take on zombies

In zombie movies the dead come back to life. It’s a rule of the zombie genre. In order to have flesh eaters roaming the streets, the dead need to rise from their graves with an appetite for human flesh. But what if the dead, after rising with a need to feed, could experience a second awakening? What if they could reclaim their human side once again? This question is presented as the focal point of Warm Bodies, a film that looks into the issue of undead redemption, and has a lot of fun with it, too. Continue Reading