Clergy members go door-to-door in north Minneapolis to talk about halting violence

Seven clergy members will bring a message of hope and strength today to the north Minneapolis neighborhood where one man’s kindness led to his death almost two weeks ago.At least one of them can also tell his personal story of being a victim of violence and torture and how he overcame the experience.On Jan. 31 Thomas Sonnenberg, 69, opened his door to a young man pleading for protection from people he claimed were trying to kill him. In return for his hospitality, Sonnenberg was shot and killed and his wife viciously attacked by the refuge-seeker, according to legal documents. Police have apprehended a suspect, Devon D. Parker.Now clergy members are hoping to ease the fears by meeting with neighbors living in a 10-block radius of the Sonnenbergs’ home on the 3700 block of Aldrich Ave. N. and show their support. Continue Reading