Best of Neighborhoods News 06/05/2019: Landlords push back on Minneapolis proposal to limit tenant screenings

Landlords push back on Minneapolis proposal to limit tenant screeningsA proposed ordinance by the Minneapolis City Council is generating the criticisms of landlords across the city. Championed by Council Members Lisa Bender and Jeremiah Ellison, the ordinance is set to change how landlords screen prospective tenants. Its aim: to improve accessibility to the city’s housing system and to address the growing racial disparities borne out of the city’s affordable housing crisis. The ordinance would prevent landlords “from rejecting applicants with an insufficient credit or rental history” and those “who have committed crimes that are no longer illegal in Minnesota.”

What will become of the ordinance remains to be seen, as a public hearing on it will be set for later this summer. For more, read Bring Me The News. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 1/2: University of Minnesota names its first female president

University of Minnesota names its first female president

The Board of Regents voted to confirm Joan Gabel with a five-year contract as the next president of the university. Gabel visited all five campuses during the interview process and answered questions about her vision of higher education. When asked about student debt, Gabel said, “We really need to be thinking about clever ways to make sure students can afford education and I think it’s very clear that we are starting to inch up on what the marked can bear, even for students who don’t have fiscal constraints.”

While she ultimately earned high praise from stakeholders, the appointment process was not without controversy, as she was named as the sole finalist, which has drawn criticism in terms of transparency. In addition to the process, there were questions about her non-traditional background; Gabel has a JD not a PhD and she was a dean of a business school. Find out more at MNDaily. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 8/1/18: Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham hosts forum, speaks out on the 2040 Plan in Minneapolis

Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham hosts forum, speaks out on the 2040 Plan in Minneapolis

On July 22nd, public commenting ended for the City of Minneapolis’ comprehensive plan, a document that encompasses the city’s plan of action of housing, employment, investment and other aspects of city governance. Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham held a forum to discuss the new plan and offer his perspective on how the plan could be used as an opportunity to invest in marginalized community. “I am not satisfied with the current draft of the 2040 plan because I think that the policies need to go much deeper into racial and geographic equity. There are downtown specific policies as it is an economic engine, but there are no policies that are Northside specific, from the opposite side of that, right? We need to talk about the disparities and the disinvestment,” said Cunningham. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 4/4: New Minnesota House bill could limit SNAP food benefits


Rep. Kelly Fenton (R-Woodbury) has put forth a bill that would eliminate SNAP benefits (commonly called “food stamps”)  for regions that do not meet federal employment requirements. As of now, 29 counties and 12 American Indian reservations are exempt from the work requirement, and these numbers could go down with the new bill, impacting Native and rural populations most. “Jessica Webster, staff attorney with the Legal Services Advocacy Project, said the bill would be more stringent than federal law. She said the proposal gives her ‘heartache’ because 47,000 able-bodied Minnesota adults without dependents have already lost access to food since the work requirement was reinstated in 2013.”
See more information at the Session Daily. Protesters demand justice in response to police violence

Protesters gathered outside the Hennepin County Government Center in response to recent police killings nationally as well as locally, with the prosecution of Officer Mohamed Noor in the case of Justine Damond. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 1/29: Minneapolis City Council discusses combating sex trafficking during Super Bowl LII

A Minneapolis City Council committee discussed plans with law enforcement and a local nonprofit to combat heightened sex trafficking during the Super Bowl LII on Jan. 18.  As reported by the Minnesota Daily, the Minneapolis Police Department is using undercover operations and building relationships with the hospitality industry to combat the issue. In addition, 12 community organizations formed an Anti-Trafficking Response Committee. “We know sex trafficking occurs. Continue Reading

Settlement with Northern Metal Recycling offers no reparations for Northside community

“We are still out here dying. My son still has asthma. That thing is still in our backyard,” said Felicia Perry, a fashion designer, activist, mother and North Minneapolis resident.

It’s a sentiment that could have been said by any other resident in North Minneapolis. Perry, along with her colleague and fellow activist Roxxanne O’Brien, live in the Northside’s 55411 and 55412 zip codes, an area with a population of over 70,000 people – of whom more than 70 percent are people of color. The community is home to more than a dozen schools, parks and a growing business corridor, as well as the unwelcome industrial polluter Northern Metal Recycling, situated just off of Broadway Avenue on the west side of Interstate 94. Continue Reading

Community Voices: ‘We deserve better’ Minneapolis’ Ward 4 elections and possibility

This November, residents of Minneapolis’ Ward 4 will have an opportunity to elect a
representative on the Minneapolis City Council.

City Council Member Barb Johnson, a 20-year incumbent and city council president, took office after her mother. Her family has held this seat for 46 consecutive years. Johnson is arguably the most conservative member of the council, and with our weak mayoral system, holds an incredible amount of power both individually and institutionally. This November could change that. Continue Reading

A seat at the table: Jeremiah Ellison uses artist lens and collaboration to reimagine representation in Ward 5

The vibe in Broadway Pizza always puts me at ease. It’s just full of real people. The waitresses actually ask questions and joke without sounding like they are reading from a script. They remind me of my mom back when she was slinging plates. The bartenders talk to folks at the bar and laugh with them. Broadway Pizza’s location in the heart of North Minneapolis was the perfect place to meet a candidate running to represent Ward 5 on the Northside: Jeremiah Ellison. Continue Reading