Facing white supremacy: Arts + Culture Editor Caroline Taiwo talks the culture of workplace discrimination on ‘Urban Agenda’

Whether you work at an office job or on the field of the NFL, white supremacy dominates work culture in the United States. In May, Twin Cities Daily Planet Arts + Culture Editor Caroline Taiwo brought us this in-depth analysis on confronting white supremacy in the workplace. In partnership with Pollen Midwest, we followed that article up with an event series and syllabus for further reading. On June 15, Taiwo appeared on KMOJ 89.9’s radio show Urban Agenda with Lissa Jones to talk more about her workplace experiences as a Black woman. With excerpts from James Baldwin and live Q&A phone calls from Minnesota listeners, this episode works to help folks – and people of color especially – recognize and activate around the white supremacy they interact with on a daily basis. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 9/15: Twin Cities minority-owned businesses fewer than national average, Nekima Levy-Pounds defends charter schools, New Generation Radio breaks old media ways

Twin Cities is below average on the number of minority-owned businesses: MinnPost’s Greta Kaul takes a closer look at the staggeringly low rates of black, brown and women entrepreneurs—people who own business with employees—in Minnesota. Compared to other cities, the numbers keep dropping:

While minorities represent about 22 percent of the Twin Cities metro’s population, minority-owned businesses represent just 7 percent of all employer firms, MinnPost found. The largest share of minority-owned firms in the Twin Cities belong to Asian Americans, according to the survey, which was conducted in 2014. Compared to some metros like it — with around a quarter of their populations members of minority groups — MSP doesn’t fare that well. About 12 percent of Portland and St. Continue Reading