Ha Tien Market: Delicious deli and great grocery

I learned about Ha Tien Market (353 University) from an article last month about University Avenue businesses that have successfully renovated over the last couple years. Honestly I hadn’t heard of it, but I knew that cool building. It looks like an old, single-screen theater. For whatever reason, I thought it was more grocery than deli so I hadn’t bothered to go inside. Continue Reading

The succor of Suqaar

The West Bank can be a difficult place to love. Urban renewal did quite a number to its street network and, I presume, several historic buildings. But it actually has some of my favorite retail shops (Midwest Mountaineering, Freewheel Bikes), music locales (The Cedar), and theaters (Mixed Blood). Oh, and I suppose my son was born at Fairview which was a pretty important thing. Continue Reading

Señor Wong’s: Don’t fear the name, the food is stellar

I admit that I was skeptical when Señor Wong’s (111 Kellogg Blvd) opened up. I worked in downtown St. Paul at the building across the street when it opened a few years ago, and the name threw me. It seemed a little too kitschy, and honestly there is a lot of bad chinese and mexican food out there. Would this be far less than the sum of its parts? Continue Reading

It takes a Stadium Village

I’ll confess: commercial districts near universities tend to not to be my first choice for a night out. That’s why I was pleased to learn about the Taste of Stadium Village event last Thursday night. It was a good excuse to get me out of my comfort zone. (And the $1 food and beverage choices at participating restaurants was a successful incentive.) Continue Reading

Papaya salad the start at Hmongtown Marketplace

I’m cheating a bit as Hmongtown Marketplace is not technically on the Green Line, but it is still within the 1/2 mile walking range of the future Rice Street station so I feel OK about this. The market has been on my to do list for a few years, but I never managed to make it over until Friday afternoon.

Continue Reading