Try the Thai Cafe today!

I was starting to think that I knew every restaurant on the Avenue, but clever Green Line tipsters are always turning me on to ones I have yet to hear of. One such place is Thai Cafe which I’ve passed by many times, but had never noticed. Continue Reading

Bonnie’s Cafe for breakfast in St. Paul

I love going out for breakfast, but I’ve done it very rarely since the blessings of children. This has prevented me from hitting up Bonnie’s Cafe, which while open for lunch, seems best known for breakfast. Friday morning before my daughter’s soccer camp, I decided we should stop in for breakfast. Continue Reading

Friday night should always be Flamingo night

I love East African food so much that it is a problem. I don’t know when to quit, and I’ll just keep mopping up sauce with injera until I can’t walk. I acknowledge my problem, and sadly this has meant limiting my consumption. Flamingo Restaurant, which opened up recently on 490 Syndicate, has not made things easier for me as it is incredible food.

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Always in style: St. Paul’s Turf Club

I had not intended on writing a blogpost about the Turf Club, but I did just go there and it is smack dab next to a future stop. It is a quintessential rock club with the long bar on one side of the club, a smattering of tables and smallish booths, and a great malange of framed posters from the many great shows they have had over the years. Continue Reading

Swing low; sweet Lowertown Wine and Spirits

Lowertown is really one of the more pleasant neighborhoods in either city. It has a lovely scale to it, thanks in no small part to the fact that it avoided the wrecking ball better than most places in either downtown (though Minneapolis was a far worse offender in its day). Continue Reading

Truth in advertising at The Best Steak House

It appears that the Thursday night cash mob on University is becoming a tradition. Last Thursday’s was at The Best Steakhouse on the southwest corner of University and Victoria. (Shout out to Noel Nix for the excellent suggestion.) I hope this tradition sticks around through construction season, if not beyond.

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