Keith Edwards: Men can end rape

For Hamline University alumni Keith Edwards, rape wasn’t always a concrete definition. While at Hamline as an RA, he kept hearing stories from women of men hurting them. At first he resisted that rape was really a problem, but now Dr. Edwards is a national speaker when it comes to ending it.On Nov. 11, Edwards presented at Hamline for Men Ending Rape, an event that aims to raise awareness of sexual violence by specifically targeting men, and educating them in ways to better prevent rape and change rape culture. The event was organized by the Hamline student congress.“We talk about rape on who it’s happening to, but not who’s doing it,” Edwards said. Continue Reading

Hamline’s MPIRG rocks the vote

Hamline Chapter of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) wants to make voting less intimidating for those who have never voted before. The non-partisan organization works on informing and registering college students for Election Day.“In reality, all elections are important. It seems that people think that if we aren’t electing the president that means whatever is on the ballot isn’t going to affect them. That isn’t true at all!” said Lizy Busta, a second year at Hamline University and MPIRG co-chair.This election season, the state of Minnesota is voting for Governor, State House Representative, U.S. House Representative, U.S. Senator, Attorney General and school board members.“All of these people on the ballot have a huge impact on our state, so it’s important to go and vote for who you think will benefit Minnesota,” said Busta. “The President of the United States isn’t the only person that works in the government and it’s important for people to realize that.”In order to help inform college students MPIRG is hosting Voter Awareness Series, with several of this year’s candidates. Continue Reading

Hamline University expansion plans threaten neighborhood

People walking or driving along Minnehaha Avenue and neighboring streets near Hamline University may have noticed bright red signs beginning to dot several residential lawns. They look like the standard campaign sign one often sees this time of year, except no candidate’s name is to be found. Instead, the words “STOP THE DEMOLITIONS” appear in large block letters, with the added message, “Tell Hamline University to Respect Our Neighborhood, Not Tear It Down!” printed below.This is a Community Voices submission and is moderated but not edited. The opinions expressed by Community Voices contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TC Daily Planet.What’s going on? Is Hamline University in the midst of a major expansion? Continue Reading

Hamline and Teach for America as partners: A mixed review

Teach for America is currently in talks with Hamline University about the partnership the two share, as TFA conducts its summer training “Institutes” in locations around the United States. For now, the TFA/Hamline partnership will continue, but TFA is also hoping to partner with the University of Minnesota, possibly in order to locate a training institute in Minnesota.TFA and Hamline have been partners since 2009, when TFA first came to Minnesota.  Since that time, according to Hamline, 152 TFA recruits have enrolled in the program, and “more than 140” of them have completed the two year commitment. TFA’s public relations person, Jackie Primeau, offered slightly different numbers, saying that “We had 142 corps members total enter classrooms in the Twin Cities from 2009 through 2011 and 120 completed their two year commitment.” These numbers, from Hamline and TFA, do not include the 39 TFA corps members who worked in Minneapolis classrooms in 2012.Hamline University’s School of Education acts as a host for TFA recruits; they enroll in a post-baccalaureate program and work on obtaining licensure while working as TFA-trained classroom teachers. TFA recruits are required to become traditionally licensed teachers through Hamline by the time their two-year TFA commitment ends. Continue Reading