Johnson to Red River Valley: Mark Dayton’s administration is “trying to kill the Sandpiper”

The Star Tribune’s Ricardo Lopez reports in GOP’s Johnson accuses Dayton of slighting outstate Minnesota that the struggling Republican gubernatorial candidate J used the recent decision by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to ask Enbridge to consider alternative routes for the Sandpiper pipeline as an example of Dayton’s supposed nelgect of Greater Minnesota. Continue Reading

Tar sands, trade rules and the gutting of human rights for corporate profit

A new report released today from IATP takes an in-depth look at how tar sands have developed from an unconventional, inefficient energy source to the spotlight of the corporate agenda as conventional oil supplies dwindle. Tar Sands: How Trade Rules Surrender Sovereignty and Extend Corporate Rights follows the development of energy policy from NAFTA up to current free trade negotiations to illustrate that while energy sources evolve, one trend remains constant: The protection of corporate profits at the expense of human rights, sovereignty and the environment. With new free trade agreements in negotiation, the time for action is here: The public needs a seat at the negotiating table. Continue Reading

Sympathy for the Devil?

It may seem strange to work up much sympathy for a booming industry that killed 47 people while virtually leveling their Quebec town last year and later touched off a giant fireball over Casselton, N.D., on the Minnesota border, but that’s what I’m feeling these days for the railroads. Continue Reading