Poet to Poet: Wendy Brown-Báez

For many publications, poets are interviewed in a journalistic, narrative fashion, even when being interviewed by another poet. During the Poet to Poet series, we are turning that notion on its head, interviewing Minnesota poets from diverse communities in the forms they work in the most. This week we’re interviewing Wendy Brown-Báez.

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The poetry of Lao spoons

This month I’ve been celebrating the fifth anniversary since the release of my first full-length book of poetry, On the Other Side of the Eye, and part of that process has been looking at the poems I’d included, and what I was thinking. Continue Reading

New legacies between old friends

A war leaves many legacies.

This month, on July 11th, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a historic trip to Laos, the first time in 57 years. I tried to put it into perspective for my young niece, who was having a hard time wrapping her head around what it really meant.

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Poet to Poet: Rebecca Marjesdatter

The poet Ezra Pound once said poetry is “news that stays news.” Often, when we see poets interviewing other poets it is done in a journalistic fashion rather than in the forms we work in most. But what happens when poets do get interviewed in verse? 

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Poet to Poet: Fres Thao

Ezra Pound felt that “poetry is news that stays news.” When poets are interviewed, it’s often done in a journalistic fashion by other poets. But I wanted to see what would happen if Minnesota poets were interviewed as poet to poet, through the forms we work in the most.

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