Why is FLOW Northside Arts Crawl Important?

In anticipation of the 10th Anniversary FLOW Northside Arts Crawl, FLOW’s artist liaison, Farrington Llewellyn asked three North Minneapolis artists, Why is FLOW important to you? Kenna Camara Cottman: Why FLOW Is Important from North MPLS. Watch Kenna also speak about FLOW 2015. Ms. Naima: Keep Flowing from North MPLS. Elder Naima Richmond, poet, storyteller, author, has more to say about FLOW. Continue Reading

Lou Bellamy and James T. Alfred hit West Broadway with ‘A Brown Tale’

A Brown Tale, an auto-biographical one-man play by acclaimed actor James T. Alfred, is now playing at the historic Capri Theater on West Broadway in North Minneapolis. The show opened on Saturday, September 6 and will run Thursday-Sunday until September 21.Directed by Lou Bellamy and written and performed by Alfred, A Brown Tale premiered to rave reviews last September at Penumbra Theatre in Saint Paul.Alfred describes A Brown Tale as a comedic coming-of-age narrative of a young African-American male from the south side of Chicago. The tapestry of stories woven together creates the journey through Alfred’s childhood to adult life. This rollicking story explores the impact that community has on an individual’s personal development.Karl Reichert, Artistic Director for the Capri, explains, “This show is the first multi-week theatrical run at the Capri, and we’re thrilled that James T. Alfred has brought A Brown Tale to North Minneapolis and West Broadway. Reichert continued, “We’ve heard nothing but praise for this show during the opening weekend, and its one not to miss. Continue Reading

From classical to hip hop at FLOW Northside Arts Crawl

As FLOW Northside Arts Crawl gears up for its 9th year enlivening West Broadway on Friday, July 25th and Saturday, July 26th, it is difficult to describe with words what makes this event special. FLOW is more than a premier art event; it is a community celebration of the many facets that make North Minneapolis a truly unique and meaningful place to live, work, learn and create.Many of those that look forward to FLOW each year might describe FLOW as the best kept secret of the Twin Cities art festival world. While part of FLOW’s beauty comes from the convivial spirit of Northside artists showing and performing Northside art for other Northsiders, FLOW invites people everywhere to experience its stunning mix of emerging and professional artists and innovative public art installations. FLOW is a free event for all ages.During FLOW, West Broadway’s permanent art spaces open their doors with especially welcoming gusto. These include the MPLS Photo Center, Caldwell FIne Arts Gallery and Studio, the Lundstrum Center for Performing Arts, Juxtaposition Arts, and the Capri Theater. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | West Broadway business profile: Paradise Beauty Salon

Marie Egbujor has been operating Paradise Beauty Salon on West Broadway in North Minneapolis since 2009. The inviting salon is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 7pm. Ms. Egbujor is kept busy by her loyal clients; Paradise Beauty is famous for its Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday-only specials: $75 for a full weave sew-in, and dread retouching for just $40. Egjubor’s expertise is evident in her clients’ satisfied faces; “She’s very gifted at what she does; her hands are blessed” explained a client named Tiquita, who only entrusts her hair to Egjubor. However, what’s truly remarkable about Paradise Beauty Salon is the sense of calm, care and tranquility that one feels almost immediately upon stepping inside. “When you come in you feel the difference. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Absolute Tire and Wheel is a winner on West Broadway

Photo credit: Shaina BrassardAbsolute Tire and Wheel on West Broadway in Minneapolis was green before it was cool, and not just because green is owner Ron Ide’s favorite color.Today, as it did when it opened in 2006, Absolute Tire and Wheel, 220 West Broadway, Minneapolis, works to minimize used tires’ impact on the environment. “We spend a lot of money to recycle tires,” said Ide, who said the tires are then turned into useful goods such as playground mulch that protects children from fall-related injury. “We’ve always done that, because it’s important.”In addition to recycling used tires, Absolute Tire (www.absolutetireandwheel.net) does the environment and customers’ wallets a huge service by offering previously-owned tires and wheels to the public. Used tires sales constitute a big part of its business.”We also sell a lot of wheels, and we take trade-ins, so if a guy comes in and wants a different set of wheels to make his car look better, but doesn’t want to spend $1,500 and is willing to trade in what he has, we can make that happen,” said Ide.The shop has a wide variety of products and services and, likewise, a wide variety of customers, from fathers looking for the safest, most dependable tire and wheel setup for their teenage daughters to professional athletes with a taste for flashy rims. Absolute Tire sells, installs, mounts, inspects, and rotates new or used tires and wheels, and also inspect brakes or installs batteries, starters and alternators.During the past eight years, Absolute Tire has seen impressive growth.”When I started here, we only had one of the three (service) bays,” said Ide. Gradually, the business took over the lease for the entire garage, hiring more employees along the way.In addition to providing impressive customer service, running a successful business and protecting the environment, Absolute Tire and Wheel is a good neighbor. Ide and his staff recognize themselves as part of a larger business district. Continue Reading