COMMUNITY VOICES | Absolute Tire and Wheel is a winner on West Broadway

absolute tire

Photo credit: Shaina Brassard

Absolute Tire and Wheel on West Broadway in Minneapolis was green before it was cool, and not just because green is owner Ron Ide’s favorite color.

Today, as it did when it opened in 2006, Absolute Tire and Wheel, 220 West Broadway, Minneapolis, works to minimize used tires’ impact on the environment. 

“We spend a lot of money to recycle tires,” said Ide, who said the tires are then turned into useful goods such as playground mulch that protects children from fall-related injury. “We’ve always done that, because it’s important.”

In addition to recycling used tires, Absolute Tire ( does the environment and customers’ wallets a huge service by offering previously-owned tires and wheels to the public. Used tires sales constitute a big part of its business.

“We also sell a lot of wheels, and we take trade-ins, so if a guy comes in and wants a different set of wheels to make his car look better, but doesn’t want to spend $1,500 and is willing to trade in what he has, we can make that happen,” said Ide.

The shop has a wide variety of products and services and, likewise, a wide variety of customers, from fathers looking for the safest, most dependable tire and wheel setup for their teenage daughters to professional athletes with a taste for flashy rims. Absolute Tire sells, installs, mounts, inspects, and rotates new or used tires and wheels, and also inspect brakes or installs batteries, starters and alternators.

absolute tire.rimsDuring the past eight years, Absolute Tire has seen impressive growth.

“When I started here, we only had one of the three (service) bays,” said Ide. Gradually, the business took over the lease for the entire garage, hiring more employees along the way.

In addition to providing impressive customer service, running a successful business and protecting the environment, Absolute Tire and Wheel is a good neighbor. Ide and his staff recognize themselves as part of a larger business district. Absolute Tire is a member of the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, which leads initiatives to bring businesses, non-profit organizations and neighbors together to create an inviting and vital West Broadway corridor in north Minneapolis.

Absolute Tire and Wheel was the proud winner of the West Broadway Holiday Lights Competition put on by the West Broadway Coalition this past winter. Of his enthusiastic participation in the competition, Ide said, “When I put my mind to something, I’m in it to win it.” Absolute Tire employees and a friend of Ide’s strung colored lights along the top of the garage and around each of the three garage doors, topping off the display with a lighted inflatable Santa, sleigh and reindeers waving cheerfully from the rooftop to those passing by.

absolute tire.workerIn spring as in winter, Absolute Tire and Wheel is a solid, welcoming business ready to meet any car’s tire and wheel needs. With the surge in potholes, the people at Absolute should remain busy for a while.