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With protests around the country erupting with the learned information that the United States is not only monitoring their own citizen, but the officials of countries considered allies, one can only sit and question, is it really that bad? Why are our country officials doing this?The answer being very simple: Our Safety.Being a citizen in a small town in Minnesota, it does not bother me in slightest if the government wastes their time listening to my phone calls gossiping about celebrities, and the drama that is going on within my own family. Everyone around me feeling the same way, because they have nothing to hide. So why is there any uproar? Our freedom and privacy are being ripped away, screamed many protesters around the country. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Making Halloween a diabetic friendly night

Halloween is a night full of costumes and candy, a night that countless of children look forward to all year around. What to do if your child can’t eat that candy? What do you do if your child is diabetic?With some creative imagination and thought every child can celebrate Halloween and have fun. Here are some great tips to have a fun night even a diabetic person and child can love.The first thing to remember is to not feel as if you have to deprive your child of all of Halloween candy they gather. Allow them to pick out their favorites from the candy they get that night. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Minnesota craft brewing rises

Craft beer has spread throughout the nation. Still a small part of the market, it has taken leaps to grow into an industry that should be taken note of.Minn. still falls behind markets such as Denver and Portland, but now ranks 10th in the nation just under Wisc. Only totaling about 10 percent of the market share at this point, but growing rapidly.According to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild there are now 28 craft breweries in St. Paul alone, and well over 50 in the state as a whole.What is the plan to continue the growth then after the new rare quality wares off? Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Minn. fashion taking a rise

For many people the sparkle of New York fashion week beckons them from around the world to see. The high fashion designers and press all around capturing the sewn fabric in photos for people to swoon over and spend thousands to wear. For the average lover of fashion actually attending the shows or buying the clothes are not feasible and not possible. Luckily for people here in the cities fashion is rising and obtaining more popularity in Minnesota.   Just weeks ago MNfashion put on shows that showcased many local Minn. designers like Christopher Straub, Lisa Hackwith, Idle Child, Emily Trevor, and many more according to the MNfashion website. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Tips for picking the right college

Looking for the right college is a task that plagues students young and old, and parents everywhere. What should I major in? How much can I afford?  Should I live on campus? All of these questions create stress and anxiety. Through my educational journey I have attended a community college, a state college, and finally a private college. Continue Reading


When the leaves hit peak or the summer sun is blasting down, Duluth is one of the best places in Minnesota to visit. Whether you want to go hiking, shopping, or stroll along the water, this city has it all. A must to do is walk along Canal Park. The street has clothing stores, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, and carriages drawn by horses. A walk on the boardwalk will give you picturesque views of Lake Superior, and lead you out to the light house that graces postcards sold throughout Duluth. Make sure to time your walk right so you can see the lift bridge rise into the air while a boat passes under it. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Racial equality or turning a blind eye?

Tim Wise an American anti-racism activist and writer addressed listeners Tuesday Oct. 1 at the Hamline Methodist Church about the continuing racism plaguing America, and talked about how it is easy for people to ignore  the problems of others in different groups and races because the problems do not directly involve them.   As Americans we love to look back at the past, Wise said, just not in the most honest way. Every year on July fourth the country unites for the purpose of looking back, Wise went on.    Wise quoted James Baldwin saying, “The past is all that makes the present  coherent.” He continued with saying that white people continue to tell black people to move on from slavery, that it is in the past, all while they continue to look back each year. Continue Reading