When the leaves hit peak or the summer sun is blasting down, Duluth is one of the best places in Minnesota to visit. Whether you want to go hiking, shopping, or stroll along the water, this city has it all.


A must to do is walk along Canal Park. The street has clothing stores, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, and carriages drawn by horses. A walk on the boardwalk will give you picturesque views of Lake Superior, and lead you out to the light house that graces postcards sold throughout Duluth. Make sure to time your walk right so you can see the lift bridge rise into the air while a boat passes under it. To find an up to date boat schedule a reliable source would be the Lake Superior Marine Museum website. The Museum is situated feet from the lift bridge and has free admission.


If hiking through the woods is more your style, check out Chester Park Trail. The trail is a 2.5 mile loop that follows Chester Creek, which is one of 23 major creek ravines in the city of Duluth. It is a dirt trail that is steep and narrow in many places. When the water is low enough you can walk along the large rocks that cross the creek. Make sure to wear hiking shoes to this destination.


Finally when the sun is about to set make your way to Enger Tower. The tower was built in 1939 and has stone steps up to the top where you can either stand or sit on built in seats to watch the sun set. This is another great site to star watch, or get pictures of the lit up shore line of Lake Superior. If you are heading to the tower in the fall make sure to wear warm clothes because the wind whips through the tower openings.