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With protests around the country erupting with the learned information that the United States is not only monitoring their own citizen, but the officials of countries considered allies, one can only sit and question, is it really that bad? Why are our country officials doing this?

The answer being very simple: Our Safety.

Being a citizen in a small town in Minnesota, it does not bother me in slightest if the government wastes their time listening to my phone calls gossiping about celebrities, and the drama that is going on within my own family. Everyone around me feeling the same way, because they have nothing to hide. So why is there any uproar? Our freedom and privacy are being ripped away, screamed many protesters around the country. Freedom? Yes your freedom to plot terroristic schemes over the telephone has been road blocked. Quite sad.

Every citizen who has nothing to hide when it comes to telephone conversations should be glad that simple minded terrorists will be stopped. Or at least would have been stopped if Edward Snowden would have kept his mouth closed.

Finally when it comes to listening in and monitoring officials from other countries, I would say you are a fool if you think other counties do not attempt to monitor the doings of the United States officials. The only difference is that our lovely country got caught with red hands. Trust me I do not think it wise to monitor our allies, some trust should be kept, but monitoring our enemies is a clear must. So if it is true that our government has been monitoring any officials that are said to be our allies, they clearly had a reason to do so.


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