COMMUNITY VOICES | Minnesota craft brewing rises


Craft beer has spread throughout the nation. Still a small part of the market, it has taken leaps to grow into an industry that should be taken note of.

Minn. still falls behind markets such as Denver and Portland, but now ranks 10th in the nation just under Wisc. Only totaling about 10 percent of the market share at this point, but growing rapidly.

According to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild there are now 28 craft breweries in St. Paul alone, and well over 50 in the state as a whole.

What is the plan to continue the growth then after the new rare quality wares off? One way is to market to wider audiences, to crowds beyond young adults. Market beyond social media, and branch out to events beyond bars and festivals.

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild is taking steps to help promote local companies. “The Guild promotes Minnesota’s brewing industry by sponsoring festivals and special events that showcase the talents of our brewers,” according to the website.

With a large potential market and eager fans, craft breweries are bound to hit new highs.