COMMUNITY VOICES | Making Halloween a diabetic friendly night


Halloween is a night full of costumes and candy, a night that countless of children look forward to all year around. What to do if your child can’t eat that candy? What do you do if your child is diabetic?

With some creative imagination and thought every child can celebrate Halloween and have fun. Here are some great tips to have a fun night even a diabetic person and child can love.

The first thing to remember is to not feel as if you have to deprive your child of all of Halloween candy they gather. Allow them to pick out their favorites from the candy they get that night. According to the Diabetic Care Services and Pharmacy website chocolates do not work well for treating lows, so choose hard candy, gumdrops or lollipops to save. With all of the left overs that the child should not eat in hand, have a talk with your child and decide where to donate it, like a children’s hospital. That way your child learns great lessons in the process.

Another way to make Halloween a fun night for a child is to make the night about the costume not the candy. Let them either make or pick out the costume they want, or if you have a knack for sewing you could create the costume of their dreams. Make the night about the costume and fun of wearing it, and not about the trick or treating and candy.

Avoid trick or treating all together. Throw a party, whether with family members or with friends. Create special themed treats that are diabetic friendly and still fun. It will be a night your child will love, and won’t miss going door to door for treats they cannot eat.