COMMUNITY VOICES | Minn. fashion taking a rise


For many people the sparkle of New York fashion week beckons them from around the world to see. The high fashion designers and press all around capturing the sewn fabric in photos for people to swoon over and spend thousands to wear. For the average lover of fashion actually attending the shows or buying the clothes are not feasible and not possible. Luckily for people here in the cities fashion is rising and obtaining more popularity in Minnesota.   

Just weeks ago MNfashion put on shows that showcased many local Minn. designers like Christopher Straub, Lisa Hackwith, Idle Child, Emily Trevor, and many more according to the MNfashion website. Plus a show featuring TIM vs THOM. So who is MNfasion? According to the MNfashion website “MNfashion is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing small business entrepreneurs in the local, independent fashion industry.” Don’t worry if you missed the fun shows though, every fall and spring Minneapolis- St. Paul Fashion Week comes around and showcases local designers, boutiques and other professionals, according to the MNfashion website. So keep your eyes peeled for more news on upcoming events with them.

If you can’t wait until the next Minneapolis- St. Paul Fashion Week and you are itching to head to a show, there is the Time/Travel Fashion Show at the Union Depot. This will be the Union Depot’s first ever fashion show. According to the Union Depot, it “gives Twin Cities fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to see high-end fashion styles inspired by decades featuring local designers’ very own inspirations come to life on the runway.” The show is Wednesday October 23, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Clearly Minn. has a lot of work ahead to be compared with New York when it comes to fashion, but with efforts there are more and more events showcasing the local talent and the building of a fan base.