Far from gone: Graffiti in Hamline-Midway

Spraying graffiti on your own garage is not how most people would respond to tagging, but that’s just what Becky Johnson of Hamline-Midway did. On “the wall of illiteracy,” as she and her sons named it, they sprayed over previous vandals’ graffiti with a message that she recalls as something like, “’Please don’t tag us unless you want to be shamed.”It worked. Their family had six to eight months of a graffiti-free garage, not including their warning. Then, right as Johnson fell ill, the city insisted either she remove her own spray-paint from her garage or give them permission to do so. Within a week of the city painting over her message, fresh tags were back.Pam McCreary of the Saint Paul Police Department said she sees recent graffiti as being a product of gangs from across the country growing in Twin Cities neighborhoods. McCreary has been with SPPD’s crime prevention department for nearly 12 years. Continue Reading

Legislature Elections – 2012 – 7 County Metro Area (Suburbs)

Here is a grid of all of the districts and positions on the ballot in the seven-county suburban area for 2012, their respective incumbents (if applicable), candidates (as they become available), and related notes Click here for listing of all related articles. [Municipal positions currently unavailable].Click here to see 11×17 pdf of map.House of RepresentativesDFL Candidate(s)GOP Candidate(s)Third Party Candidate(s)/NotesRepresentative, District 17A (Anoka County) Incumbent: Kurt Daudt; Home (City/town of residence): Crown 19B (Hennepin) Incumbent: Joe McDonald; Home: Delano 25A (Scott) Incumbent: Glenn Gruenhagen; Home: Glencoe 25B (Scott) Incumbent: Kelby Woodard; Home:  Belle Plaine 32A (Hennepin) Incumbent: Joyce Peppin; Home: Rogers 32B (Hennepin) Incumbent: Kurt Zellers; Home: Maple Grove 33A (Hennepin) Incumbent: Steve Smith; Home: Mound 33B (Hennepin) Incumbent: Connie Doepke; Home: Orono 34A (Carver and Scott) Incumbent: Ernie Leidiger; Home: Mayer 34B (Scott) Incumbent: Joe Hoppe; Home: Chaska 35A (Scott) Incumbent: Michael Beard; Home: Shakopee 35B (Scott) Incumbent: Mark Buesgens; Home: Jordan 36A (Dakota) Incumbent: Mary Liz Holberg; Home: Lakeville 36B (Dakota) Incumbent: Pat Garofalo; Home: Farmington 37A (Dakota) Incumbent: Tara Mack; Home: Apple Valley 37B (Dakota) Incumbent: Kurt Bills; Home: Rosemount 38A (Dakota) Incumbent: Diane Anderson; Home: Eagan 38B (Dakota) Incumbent: Doug Wardlow; Home: Eagan 40A (Dakota and Scott) Incumbent: Pam Myhra; Home: Burnsville 40B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Ann Lenczewski; Home: Bloomington  41A (Hennepin) Incumbent: Keith Downey; Home: Edina 41B (Hennepin) Incumbent: Pat Mazorol; Home: Bloomington 42A (Hennepin) Incumbent: Kirk Stensrud; Home: Eden Prairie 42B (Hennepin) Incumbent: Jenifer Loon; Home: Eden Prairie 43A (Hennepin) Incumbent: Sarah Anderson; Home: Plymouth 43B (Hennepin)Incumbent: John Benson; Home: Minnetonka  44A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Steve Simon; Home: St Louis Park  44B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Ryan Winkler; Home: Golden Valley  45A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Sandra Peterson; Home: New Hope  45B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Lyndon Carlson Sr. ; Home: Crystal  46A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Michael V. Nelson; Home: Brooklyn Park  46B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Debra Hilstrom; Home: Brooklyn Center  47A (Anoka and Hennepin)Incumbent: Denise Dittrich; Home: Champlin  47B (Anoka  and Hennepin)Incumbent: Melissa Hortman; Home: Brooklyn Park  48A (Anoka) Incumbent: Tom Hackbarth; Home: Cedar 48B (Anoka) Incumbent: Jim Abeler; Home: Anoka 49A (Anoka) Incumbent: Peggy Scott; Home: Andover 49B (Anoka) Incumbent: Branden Petersen; Home: Andover 50B (Anoka and Ramsey)Incumbent: Kate Knuth; Home: New Brighton  51A (Anoka) Incumbent: Tim Sanders; Home: Blaine 51B (Anoka and Ramsey)Incumbent: Tom Tillberry; Home: Fridley  52A (Anoka and Washington) Incumbent: Bob Dettmer; Home: Forest Lake 52B (Washington) Incumbent: Matt Dean; Home: Dellwood 53A (Anoka and Ramsey) Incumbent: Linda Runbeck; Home: Circle Pines 53B (Ramsey) Incumbent: Carol McFarlane; Home: White Bear Lake 54A (Hennepin and Ramsey)Incumbent: Mindy Greiling; Home: Roseville [not running for re-election]  54B (Ramsey)Incumbent: Bev Scalze; Home: Little Canada  55A (Ramsey)Incumbent: Leon Lillie; Home: North St Paul  55B (Ramsey and Washington)Incumbent: Nora Slawik; Home: Maplewood  56A (Washington) Incumbent: Kathy Lohmer; Home: Lake Elmo 56B (Washington) Incumbent: Andrea Kieffer; Home: Woodbury 57A (Dakota and Washington) Incumbent: John Kriesel; Home: Cottage Grove 57B (Dakota and Washington) Incumbent: Denny McNamara; Home: Hastings  State Senate DistrictDFL candidate(s)GOP candidate(s)Third party candidates /notes17  Incumbent: Sean Nienow; Home: Cambridge 19  Incumbent: Amy Koch; Home: Buffalo 25  Incumbent: Al Dekruif; Home: Madison Lake 32  Incumbent: Warren Limmer; Home: Maple Grove 33  Incumbent: Gen Olson; Home: Minnetrista 34  Incumbent: Julianne Ortman; Home: Chanhassen 35  Incumbent: Claire Robling; Home: Jordan 36  Incumbent: Dave Thompson; Home: Lakeville 37  Incumbent: Chris Gerlach; Home: Apple Valley 38  Incumbent: Ted Daley; Home: Eagan 40  Incumbent: Dan Hall; Home: Burnsville 41  Incumbent: Geoff Michel; Home: Edina 42  Incumbent: David Hann; Home: Eden Prairie 43  Incumbent: Terri Bonoff; Home: Minnetonka  44 Incumbent: Ron Latz; Home: St Louis Park  45 Incumbent: Ann Rest; Home: New Hope  46Incumbent: Linda Scheid; Home: Brooklyn Park  47  Incumbent: Benjamin Kruse; Home: Brooklyn Park 48  Incumbent: Michael Jungbauer; Home: East Bethel 49  Incumbent: Michelle Benson; Home: Ham Lake 51  Incumbent: Pam Wolf; Home: Spring Lake Park 52  Incumbent: Ray Vandeveer; Home: Forest Lake 53  Incumbent: Roger Chamberlain; Home: Lino Lakes 54 Incumbent: John Marty; Home: Roseville  55 Incumbent: Charles Wiger; Home: Maplewood  56  Incumbent: Ted Lillie; Home: Lake Elmo 57 Incumbent: Katie Sieben; Home: Newport        Continue Reading

Legislature Elections – 2012 – St Paul

This candidate grid (below) will be updated as more information becomes available.If you have updates for us, or if you’d like to help with our 2012 election coverage, please contact editor@tcdailyplanet.net. Last update: January 18, 2012. For an overview of all of our election coverage, click here.  House of RepresentativesDFL Candidate(s)GOP Candidate(s)Third Party Candidate(s)/NotesRepresentative, District 39A (Dakota County)Incumbent: Rick Hansen; Home (City/town of residence): South St. Paul  39B (Dakota)Incumbent: Joe Atkins; Home: Inver Grove Heights  50A (Anoka and Ramsey)Incumbent: Carolyn Laine; Home: Colombia Heights  64A (Ramsey)Incumbent: Erin Murphy; Home: St Paul  64B (Ramsey)Incumbent: Michael Paymar; Home: St Paul  65A (Ramsey)Incumbent: Rena Moran; Home: St Paul  65B (Ramsey)Incumbent: Carlos Mariani; Home: St Paul  66A (Ramsey)Incumbent: John Lesch; Home: St Paul  66B (Ramsey)Incumbent: Alice Hausman; Home: St Paul  67A (Ramsey)Incumbent: Tim Mahoney; Home: St Paul  67B (Ramsey)Incumbent: Sheldon Johnson; Home: St Paul   State Senate DistrictDFL candidate(s)GOP candidate(s)Third party candidates /notes39 Incumbent: James Metzen; Home: South St Paul  50 Incumbent: Barbra “Barb” Goodwin; Home: Colombia Heights  64 Incumbent:  Richard Cohen; Home: St Paul  65 Incumbent:  Sandy Pappas; Home: St Paul  66 Incumbent: Ellen Anderson; Home: St Paul  67 Incumbent: John Harrington; Home: St Paul        Continue Reading

Legislature Elections – 2012 – Minneapolis

This candidate grid (below) will be updated as more information becomes available.If you have updates for us, or if you’d like to help with our 2012 election coverage, please contact editor@tcdailyplanet.net. Last update: August 23, 2012.For an overview of all of our election coverage, click here.  House of RepresentativesDFL Candidate(s)GOP Candidate(s)Third Party Candidate(s)/Notes    59A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Joe Mullery; Home (Minneapolis) Cindy Lilly  59B (Hennepin)Raymond Dehn  Gary MazottaThere will be a recount, requested by Terra Cole in the DFL primary. 60A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Diane Loeffler; Home: Minneapolis Brent Millsop 60B (Hennepin) Incumbent: Phyllis Kahn (Minneapolis) Kody Zalewski 61A (Hennepin)Incumbents: Frank Hornstein (Minneapolis) Devin Gawnemark 61B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Paul ThissenNate “Honey Badger” Atkins  62A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Karen Clark (Minneapolis) Kurtis Hanna 62B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Susan Allen Tom F. Johnson III 63A (Hennepin)Incumbent: Jim DavnieKirk Brink  63B (Hennepin)Incumbent: Jean Wagenius Matt Ashley State Senate ElectionsDFL Candidate(s)GOP Candidate(s)Third Party Candidate(s)/Notes    59Incumbent: Bobby Joe Champion Jim Lilly 60Incumbent:  Kari Dziedzic Mark LazarchicIndependence: Rahn V. Workcuff 61Incumbents: D. Scott Dibble  62Incumbent:  Jeff  Hayden Independence: Eric Blair 63Incumbent:  Patricia Torres Ray Patrick Marron  Continue Reading