Legislature Elections – 2012 – Minneapolis


This candidate grid (below) will be updated as more information becomes available.

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House of Representatives

DFL Candidate(s)

GOP Candidate(s)

Third Party Candidate(s)/Notes


59A (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Joe Mullery; Home (Minneapolis)


Cindy Lilly 


59B (Hennepin)

Raymond Dehn 

 Gary Mazotta

There will be a recount, requested by Terra Cole in the DFL primary. 

60A (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Diane Loeffler; Home: Minneapolis

 Brent Millsop


60B (Hennepin)

 Incumbent: Phyllis Kahn (Minneapolis)

 Kody Zalewski


61A (Hennepin)

Incumbents: Frank Hornstein (Minneapolis)

 Devin Gawnemark


61B (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Paul Thissen

Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins 


62A (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Karen Clark (Minneapolis)

 Kurtis Hanna


62B (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Susan Allen

 Tom F. Johnson III


63A (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Jim Davnie

Kirk Brink 


63B (Hennepin)

Incumbent: Jean Wagenius

 Matt Ashley


State Senate Elections

DFL Candidate(s)

GOP Candidate(s)

Third Party Candidate(s)/Notes






Incumbent: Bobby Joe Champion

 Jim Lilly



Incumbent:  Kari Dziedzic

 Mark Lazarchic

Independence: Rahn V. Workcuff 


Incumbents: D. Scott Dibble




Incumbent:  Jeff  Hayden


Independence: Eric Blair 


Incumbent:  Patricia Torres Ray

 Patrick Marron