Legislature Elections – 2012 – St Paul


This candidate grid (below) will be updated as more information becomes available.

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House of Representatives

DFL Candidate(s)

GOP Candidate(s)

Third Party Candidate(s)/Notes

Representative, District 39A (Dakota County)

Incumbent: Rick Hansen; Home (City/town of residence): South St. Paul



39B (Dakota)

Incumbent: Joe Atkins; Home: Inver Grove Heights



50A (Anoka and Ramsey)

Incumbent: Carolyn Laine; Home: Colombia Heights



64A (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Erin Murphy; Home: St Paul



64B (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Michael Paymar; Home: St Paul



65A (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Rena Moran; Home: St Paul



65B (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Carlos Mariani; Home: St Paul



66A (Ramsey)

Incumbent: John Lesch; Home: St Paul



66B (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Alice Hausman; Home: St Paul



67A (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Tim Mahoney; Home: St Paul



67B (Ramsey)

Incumbent: Sheldon Johnson; Home: St Paul




State Senate District

DFL candidate(s)

GOP candidate(s)

Third party candidates /notes


 Incumbent: James Metzen; Home: South St Paul




 Incumbent: Barbra “Barb” Goodwin; Home: Colombia Heights




 Incumbent:  Richard Cohen; Home: St Paul




 Incumbent:  Sandy Pappas; Home: St Paul




 Incumbent: Ellen Anderson; Home: St Paul




 Incumbent: John Harrington; Home: St Paul