Best of Neighborhood News 8/8: No charges filed in police shooting of Thurman Blevins


On July 30, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced his decision to not file charges against MPD officers Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt. The two officers shot and killed Thurman Blevins during a police investigation on June 23 in the Camden neighborhood. Community members gathered and spoke out in response to the County Attorney’s decision. “This Thurman Blevins case did not happen in a vacuum, it happened as part of a history of corruption at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department,” said civil rights attorney and activist Nekima Levy-Armstrong, adding, “It is not an isolated incident — it is part of a pattern that shows [the MPD] diminish the lives of Black residents in Minneapolis.”

“I don’t want the media and the world to think we are angry. We aren’t angry. Continue Reading

Best of Neighborhood News 8/1/18: Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham hosts forum, speaks out on the 2040 Plan in Minneapolis

Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham hosts forum, speaks out on the 2040 Plan in Minneapolis

On July 22nd, public commenting ended for the City of Minneapolis’ comprehensive plan, a document that encompasses the city’s plan of action of housing, employment, investment and other aspects of city governance. Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham held a forum to discuss the new plan and offer his perspective on how the plan could be used as an opportunity to invest in marginalized community. “I am not satisfied with the current draft of the 2040 plan because I think that the policies need to go much deeper into racial and geographic equity. There are downtown specific policies as it is an economic engine, but there are no policies that are Northside specific, from the opposite side of that, right? We need to talk about the disparities and the disinvestment,” said Cunningham. Continue Reading

Community Voices: On white-passing in greater Minnesota

I am a product of colonization. I am also a product of resistance. My heritage is that of the people who historically – and yes, still do – inhabit Minnesota: the Dakota people. I also have white ancestry, which is what presents itself on my skin and my face. In many ways I find this to be a metaphor for colonization itself—whiteness resting itself upon Indigenous blood and bones. Continue Reading