NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Meet the folk behind “Foundlore” on exhibit at the Vine Arts Center

FOUNDLORE: AMERICAN FOLKART REINVENTEDExhibit runs: April 2 – May 7.The Artists talk about their exhibit: “Foundlore”The collaboration of the new exhibition “Foundlore” at the Vine Arts Center consists of five artists, Matt Flueger, Kristoffer West Johnson, Michael Sweere, Jonathan Sweere and Ryan Sweere (three brothers and two friends), who work together in a St. Paul freeway frontage road house that they converted into art studios with backyard windmill. Studio/House complete with backyard windmill”Foundlore” is American folk art reinvented. It is an imaginative reinterpretation of a media-saturated environment, making use of today’s ever-present overabundance of recycled materials, information and images. From April 2 – May 7th the gallery will be filled with an impressive array of photographs, paintings, drawings, mosaics, hanging mobiles and free standing sculptures -all intermixed to create an assemblage-like installation that draws on the sense of place in which they were created. All five artists will be at the opening reception which will feature projected video collages, art making documentaries, and animations. Continue Reading