OPINION | Does Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association have a strategic plan?

Last month the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association published its Strategic Plan. Working with Aurora Consulting they came up with a four part plan describing values and focuses for the next few years. They want to Facilitate Community Engagement; Foster Community Development; Embrace Leadership; and Stimulate Economic Development.

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Hope at the end of the Rainbow? Brainstorming for soon-to-be-vacant storefront begins

“When elephants fight, the grass suffers.” Swahili proverb

The elephants have struggled. Rainbow and Cub fought for years over market share at Lake and Minnehaha, but they remained competitive, and each had their share of loyal customers. Then Target decided to open a fresh food section in their store, and that became too much. One elephant fell down. Rainbow lost the battle and is leaving the Twin Cities market, and South Minneapolis is left with an empty storefront.

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Forum on affordable housing held at Pillsbury

The Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights hosted a public forum on affordable housing at Pillsbury House on Wednesday, Aug. 27. Nekima Levy-Pounds, professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, moderated a panel discussion by specialists in the field from government agencies and nonprofits.

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OPINION | What is at stake in the primary election Aug. 12?

“Ho-hum, a primary election.”“Who cares?”“Why should I even bother to go out and vote on Aug. 12? Mark Dayton and Al Franken are virtually unopposed. What’s the big deal?”Of course, if you live in the West Bank/Riverside Park area you know this election could spell the end of the political career of long- time incumbent Phyllis Kahn. She’s locked in a very tight race with Mohamud Noor. Continue Reading

What happened to True Thai?

It’s sad to see a restaurant go. It’s like an old friend who suddenly leaves town without saying good-bye, and you never know if it was something you said or did that made them leave.

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