MUSIC REVIEW | Local indie pop band Hippo Campus hits up Triple Rock

Hey guys, it has been a while, so please excuse me if my writing’s a bit rusty. If you’ve forgotten my existence entirely, or are reading my writing for the first time, my name is Lindsay LaBarre and in my 19 years of living I have gone to copious amounts of concerts. The most recent concert I went to, and the topic of today’s review is the sold-out Hippo Campus show at Triple Rock on December 27th.For starters—though I’m not really one to talk given my age and stature—this was the shortest crowd I’ve ever seen at Triple Rock, which could be attributed to the fact that most of the people up by the front of the stage were young women. A local band called BB Gun started off the early show with what I can describe only as your run-of-the-mill indie rock band, though they did learn slightly more towards the rock side than the indie side. I found all of the songs to be slight variations on the same musical theme, and nothing about their performance struck me as exciting or unexpected. Continue Reading

MUSIC REVIEW | Shakey Graves brings distinct sound and fine musicians to Cedar Cultural Center

Packed to capacity, Shakey Graves played at Cedar Cultural Center and along with his distinct sound, brought some very talented musicians with him to round out a four-hour concert. Esme Patterson opened first, followed by Sean Rowe. Each a wealth of talent, Patterson and Rowe complimented Graves with their abilities and sound, as all three performers are standouts in the singer-songwriter world where it’s stage presence, creativity, and singing that captivate the audience rather than flashy costumes, dance troupes, and elaborate stage lighting. Graves has built momentum during his short career, selling out The Turf Club last year and now The Cedar. Next time around, don’t be surprised if he fills the main room at First Ave and the show sells out within a day or two. Continue Reading

MUSIC PHOTOS | The Rural Alberta Advantage at First Ave

It’s fun going into a show with no expectations. That’s what happened Friday, October 17 when I went to go photograph The Rural Alberta Advantage. I had only listened to a couple of their songs, as I was only recently introduced to them by a girl that I like and she was going to the show. So, my nautral reaction was to go with her and I figured at the very least I would come out of it with a few good photos, and perhaps impress her with my camera skills and awkward dancing in a very crowded room at the same time in the hopes she’d want to see me again. I was blown away. Continue Reading

MUSIC REVIEW | Old Crow Medicine Show plays that old-timey stuff at the State Theatre

Old Crow Medicine Show should not play at a sit down venue. Ever. There just isn’t enough room for fans to dance, jump, hoot and holler between those tiny rows of seats. This was all evident from the get go when they opened last night with “Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer,” which is the first track on their new album Remedy.As quickly as Critter Fuqua’s (doubtful that’s his real first name) banjo strings were plucked and Ketch Secor’s harmonica spewed notes laced with passionate country love, the crowd was on its feet dancing as if it was barefoot at an outdoor music festival. Suddenly, any hint of Minnesota passive aggressive niceness was gone, replaced by a sweaty, gritty, twirling, hee-haw screaming frenzy mirroring the seven-man band on the stage before them.Ferocious in their playing style and polished and refined in their showmanship, OCMS balances their performance quite well by bringing hard-charging bluegrass and alt-country with songs such as “Alabama High Test” and “Bootlegger’s Boy,” but calms the mood with old-timey and somber sadness pieces such as “Dearly Departed Friend” and “The Warden.”When introducing “Tell That Woman” (Willie Dixon cover), which was followed by “The Warden,” Secor told the crowd, “We’re gonna do it like they originally did with one microphone.”A four-part harmony simply accompanied by an occasional single strum of the guitar by Chance McCoy and snapping by Secor, Fuqua, and Cory Younts, “Tell That Woman” displayed how well connected OCMS are as musicians. Continue Reading

SOUNDING OFF ON SOUNDS | Selby Ave JazzFest plays the summer out with style

The Selby Ave JazzFest remains one of St. Paul’s funnest summer events. Historically a family friendly happening, it’s a chance to get outdoors while the weather’s still warm and enjoy a nice time in the community. There’s always a bunch of top shelf Twin Cities talent on-hand. This year, the lineup includes: long-time staple on the bill Dick and Jane’s Big Brass Band, Walker West Music Academy’s Urban Legends of Jazz, Brio Brass, highly touted rising star, sax man Danny Kusz and the Jazz Heritage Showcase, a Selby Ave JazzFest tradition. Continue Reading

#TeamG.Rice a hip-hop performing hit at Mill City Nights, in Minneapolis

Hip-hop artist G. Rice and his music producer MOsh made their debut in Minneapolis at Mill City Nights, where they had fans raving about their performance.“MOsh Beats killed it. G. Rice Productions. Let’s go,” said Dominic Albani, a fan at the concert.On Friday, August 15, Mill City Nights held down Apollo Quad’s 5th Anniversary hip-hop show. In addition to Apollo and G. Rice, the concert featured performances from other local artist including Bloodshot, P-nut The Artist and N.E.S.D.This is a Community Voices submission and is moderated but not edited. The opinions expressed by Community Voices contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TC Daily Planet.Team G. Rice was the second to perform at the event and got the party started at Mill City Nights. Continue Reading

MUSIC REVIEW | Rodrigo y Gabriela tear up the State Theatre

The world-renowned acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela entered the stage of the State Theatre on August 15 fiercely as the crowd roared continuously. Their tour and new album 9 Dead Alive is a throwback to when they began as street musicians. The audience became willing passengers on a musical voyage; when a song ended, they gasped for another.The pair seemed to be dueling with reciprocity. One would play base as the other would handle the acoustic. Their music is influenced by many genres from nuevo flamenca to blends of rock and heavy metal. The communication between them on stage is seemingly telepathic. Rodrigo y Gabriela originate from Mexico and have been together since 2000 and spent eight years in Dublin. To their credit are several albums and have collaborated on film soundtrack as Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek and Puss in Boots. Continue Reading

MUSIC PHOTOS | Neon Trees in black & white at First Avenue

Neon Trees played to a completely sold out crowd at First Ave on Monday, June 23, 2014. Electrifying, eccentric, passionate, and downright fun they gave the audience exactly what they went to the show for; a stellar performance. Frontman Tyler Glenn mesmerized the crowd with his dance moves and swooping vocals, and expressed his appreciation throughout the night to fans, who gave plenty of love back to the Trees.Coverage of issues and events that affect Central Corridor neighborhoods and communities is funded in part by a grant from Central Corridor Funders Collaborative. Continue Reading

MUSIC REVIEW | Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds worth the wait at the State Theatre

It was 2001, September. I had tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the end of the month for my birthday. Then something a little bigger than a concert happened, and air traffic into the U.S. looked (rightly) like a very bad idea. The U.S. tour was postponed. Those of us with tickets were told we could get a refund then or hold our tickets to be exchanged when the show was rescheduled. Continue Reading