Ten years after the invasion of Iraq

As last week was the 10-year anniversary of the U.S.’s invasion of Iraq, a lot of people have been reflecting on the ensuing decade of war, while others have apparently avoided the same. Examinations have covered what you’d expect: the lies that were told by the Bush-Cheney administration, the necessary complicity of the mainstream media, the consequences suffered by veterans and, lest we forget, the realities of life today as lived by Iraqis themselves, for whom the war certainly isn’t over. Continue Reading

Holy Innocents talk at St. Joan of Arc

The President announced two weeks ago that the war in Iraq is over. The TV cameras showed the convoy of military trucks driving out of Iraq into Kuwait. All US Troops are now out of Iraq – well, except for several hundred which remain in the Kurdish north who will continue to train Iraqi military and police. Continue Reading

Reflections of New Minnesotans: Qais Munhazim

[Audio below]Qais Munhazim, an Afghan living in the Twin Cities, will be showing a series of photographs at the University of Minnesota. A year ago he embarked on a photography project around Afghanistan showing the daily life of Afghans. Munhazim says that it is impossible for foreign journalists to capture the legacies of war. The exhibit “Afghanistan in My Camera: Afghanistan through an Afghan’s Eyes” Decades of war have shifted the focus of photography in Afghanistan from capturing the vast landscapes to covering the war and its often tragic aftermath. I, an Afghan from a tiny corner of Kabul, with a better understanding of and familiarity with Afghans and Afghanistan would like to show another side of Afghanistan and Afghans that has been largely left out or ignored altogether by mainstream foreign photographers. Continue Reading

The Afghan youth peace volunteers have their say

Hakim, the founder and mentor of the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (AYPV), lives very simply. He attended a Christian boarding school as a youth but didn’t see the faith put into practice. He has read both Gandhi and Noam Chomsky and their ideas and values permeate much of his life. Continue Reading

The faces of a new Afghanistan: day 7 in a war zone

She is an unveiled, defiant young woman. He is a filmmaker still recovering from his kidnapping 6 ½ years ago. She told me this morning, only half in jest, that she plans on becoming the President. He, at only 15, has known the pain of losing his father but is still willing to stand up to the intimidation of much older adults.
Continue Reading