Touring the Capitol Building

As I mentioned last week I have been doing some tourist type things with a niece who is living with us and is new to the area. It is like seeing St. Paul for the first time. Last week we toured our amazing Minnesota State Capitol building. I have been in the building several times but have not taken the official tour in many years. Continue Reading

St. Paul is new again

I’ll admit I have been a bit distracted the last few weeks. Our niece has come to live with us. She is the oldest daughter of my only sibling, a younger brother who lives in a suburb of Chicago Illinois. Continue Reading

Shut down affects home sales

Real estate is local but the federal government shut down has an impact on home sales. I had one closing delayed because the lender was unable to verify social security numbers through the social security administration. Sometimes home buyers need IRS transcripts in order to get approval for home loans and those are not currently available either. Continue Reading