Cinéferior complex: Four ways to lift my movie-induced depression

I’m not sure. I think it was just the proximate cause, the trigger for the steep tailspin that has been building up inside me for months – maybe years. All I know is that when I came upon the notice on Craigslists lately, it made me want to go drown myself in a bucket of artificial butter.

“Face painters wanted for traveling dinosaur show (USA).”

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Perp Walker: What letting the Gov. off Scott-free signifies

Well, you’d think that all the lies and intentional divisiveness, the recording of his conversation with a hoax caller he thought was one of the Koch brothers, the video of him promising a big donor about his plans to divide and conquer Wisconsin by going after public employee unions as a prelude of a lunge at the jugular of a right-to-work campaign, taped just a few months before he testified Continue Reading

Atlas Sulked: the teenage revolt against “the nanny state”

Now that Paul Ryan has backed away from his fervent embrace of Ayn Rand, claiming that she is merely one of many influences on his political thinking despite video of him declaring that she was his primary reason for engaging in politics, and despite the fact that he requires all of his staff members to read her work, it’s possible the author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead will begin to Continue Reading

Red Black and Blue: Anarchists get behind state GOP’s lawsuit

A new organization of radicals calling itself the Coalition for Restoring Anarchist Principles has come out with an endorsement of the Minnesota GOP’s lawsuit asking the State Supreme Court to order a shutdown of all Minnesota state government functions in the event that the Minnesota Legislator, controlled by the Republican Party, and DFL Governor Mark Dayton cannot r Continue Reading