Infrastructure opportunists and the Kellogg Bridge

Earlier this week, news surfaced that the Kellogg Ave-3rd Street bridge connecting Lowertown and Dayton’s Bluff is structurally deficient. The bridge, built in 1982 by MnDOT, has four vehicle lanes, the outer two largely supported by concrete cantilevers with pier supports built in the middle. Continue Reading

Reconnecting the grid: Royalston / Downtown / Loring Park

In today’s installment of Anatomy of a Proposed Urban Railway, Adam Miller takes a close look at the Royalston station area. Just to the south of this station area is an area of land isolated from its surroundings, but which has the potential to be a prime link between Royalston, North Loop, Loring Park, Downtown, and the north side within the next few decades. But to get the most value, we’d need to invest in building out more of a grid to connect these areas. Continue Reading

The dirty truth behind Park & Rides

Park and ride facilities are darling infrastructure of the transit planning profession. By providing “free” parking to lure choice riders out of cars and onto buses and trains, ridership can get a big boost. No wonder transit operators in our metro provide 258% more “free” parking spaces than fifteen years ago, when the first Regional Park & Ride survey was conducted by the Met Council. Continue Reading