Fight for 15: Protest in Minneapolis for increased minimum wages

Protestors in Minneapolis rallied on Wednesday, April 15, on the University of Minnesota campus to demand a $15 minimum wage. Numbering in the hundreds, the group blocked traffic on their march to the Dinkytown McDonald’s where union members, advocacy groups, and supporters demonstrated support for increased wages and fair treatment in the workplace. The protest was part of a national movement that has been called the Fight For 15. Continue Reading

What’s needed to ‘move on up’ in Minnesota?

The scene opens to a shot of a rental truck rolling down the streets of Manhattan. Cue the music, “Well we’re movin’ on up.” A taxi cab trails behind the truck. “To the East Side.” In the back seat of the cab are George and Louise Jefferson, who are moving “to a deluxe apartment in the sky.”

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Teen spoken word artists compete to represent Minnesota in Brave New Voices

Snap. Snap. Audible “Wows” and moments of finger snapping greeted the ten young poets who competed March 8 in the first of two semi-final rounds of the Be Heard Minnesota Youth Poetry Slam Series. Competition is tough this year as the poets, aged 13-19, vie for a chance to represent the state of Minnesota at the Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Festival, which will be held this summer in Philadelphia, PA.

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