Local pharmacist buys Schneider Drug

Jim Stage said he was just getting his “feet wet” as the new owner of Lloyd’s Pharmacy on Snelling Avenue in the Hamline Midway neighborhood when Tom Sengupta contacted him and told him he was selling Schneider Drug, 3400 University Ave., in Prospect Park.Lloyd’s longtime owner, Ron Johnson, sold the business to Stage in November. On Jan. 27, Stage became the new owner of Schneider Drug. Both Johnson and Sengupta owned their businesses for more than 40 years.Stage had worked for several years at Lloyd’s with Johnson, who he credits with teaching him a lot about the pharmacy business. Stage grew up in the Midway area of St. Continue Reading

Hampden Park Co-op sounds call to action

Last summer, Hampden Park Co-op put out a call to action to its members to increase sales at the Raymond Avenue food cooperative. General manager Greg Junge says that call appears to have been heeded.

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A new name, expanded program at Rock Star Supply Co.

One year after Rock Star Supply Co. set up shop at the southwest corner of Raymond and University avenues, the tutoring and writing development center that offers free tutoring and homework help to low-income students ages 6 to 18, has adopted a new name and expanded programming.

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St. Paul District 12 zoning proposal meets opposition

The St. Anthony Park Community Council has tabled a proposal to change the zoning code in north St. Anthony Park to allow additional dwelling units to be built on single-family lots. The council is considering creating an ad hoc committee or task force to study housing density in District 12 and hear neighbors’ views about the zoning proposal.

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