Wellstone Bike Club empowers East African women in Minneapolis through cycling

The air is brisk, but not exactly cold.  The sky is infinite blue.  I throw on my thin merino undershirt and think about sunglasses which I haven’t worn since I was a child due to the eternal presence of high-prescription eyeglasses.  I’m heading down the oversized sidewalk known as the Hiawatha Avenue Trail to Roosevelt High School to meet the Wellstone Bike Club.

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Jefferson Avenue bikeway plan amended in St. Paul city council vote

“I’m beginning to know what Charlie Brown feels like,” lamented Dave Pasik.  “I keep running to kick that football, and the last minute, Lucy pulls it away.”

At Wednesday night’s St. Paul City Council meeting, Pasik’s football was the Jefferson Avenue Bikeway, or at least parts of it.  Charlie Brown was the cyclists, Jefferson Avenue residents, disability advocates, and pedestrians.  Lucy was Council Member Chris Tolbert and the rest of the City Council. On April 4, in the latest move in a series of meetings, plans, revisions, and amendments, the council voted unanimously to approve an amended resolution for a Jefferson Avenue bikeway that removes several of the traffic circles that had been approved previously. 

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FREE SPEECH ZONE | Minnesota Bike Summit 2012

The temperature outside today is 57°F, and spring just gave winter a punch in the face!  It’s a very good day to be a bicycle commuter, as this is pretty much what I’d consider perfect conditions for riding.  I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans today, the sun is shining, and Mr. Bluebird is on my shoulder.Yesterday was also a very good day to be a bicycle commuter.  It was the 2nd Annual Minnesota Bike Summit at the State Capitol, and the bicycle advocates were out in full force and well organized to take part in this thing we call representative democracy.  The Summit was organized by BikeMN, the Minnesota chapter of the League of American Bicyclists.Old Yeller, my usual road bike, had a flat tire last night after rolling over the gravelly mess that is the Wedgetip bridge.  I wanted to bike to the Bike Summit, dang-nabbit, so I decided to go to my mom’s house in East Side St. Paul where I have my other bike, the Spirit of St. Paul.  However, after hanging in the garage all winter, her tires were empty.  I had left all of my tools in Minneapolis, except for a hand pump from the 80s which is as effective as blowing in a straw. Continue Reading