An Orthy Adversary: The Battle of Orth House, as told by a local internet junkie

I spend too much time on the internet. The internet has lots to offer for every noble desire and depravity imaginable. A lot of what it has to offer is a respite from boredom. Waiting in lines, waiting through commercials, waiting for something to happen at work. All that waiting has a tendency to make me crave drama and conflict.I’d say one of my favorite pastimes is watching people lose their shit and turn into nasty, ugly jerks over disagreements. Continue Reading

Powderhorn 24 — Finishing the race

I’ve had a blast racing in the Powderhorn 24 and vlogging about it.  Though I have written articles and speeches and given speeches, what I did for the Powderhorn 24 was something completely new for me.  I have never reported to a camera, and I did it completely ad lib.  You can tell from my complete lack of time comprehesion, my searching eyes, my dead air, my discourse markers, and my loose cohesion. [Videos below and at Powderhorn 24 — First day; Powderhorn 24 — Live!;  and Powderhorn 24 — Awards ceremony and end of race.]I sorta fell in love with it by the end.  I might steal the camera that Editor Mary Turck lent to me, or maybe even buy my own.I can say with some degree of certainty that no journalist has ever ridden in a 24-hour bike race whilst vlogging/reporting about the experience with (sorta) live updates.  If the finished product isn’t very polished or high quality, at least it is something new.There are numerous errata throughout my recordings.  I was not attempting to be a fact finder, but rather I was attempting to have an experience and   record it.  For example, the TC Daily Planet photographer is Meredith Westin, not Miranda like I said.  Also, I rarely knew exactly on which lap I was.If I do this again next year, I would prefer to have a support person or two to deal with uploading video files, holding on to possessions, feeding me, lifting my exhausted spirits, and checking the time.  I would like to get many more laps completed and keep much better track of the leaderboard.I am astounded that I know so many fast friends.I invite all of our readers and viewers to race or watch the Powderhorn 24 next summer.  Or, better yet, come be a part of the multitude of bike events this summer.  A good place to find bike events is at fire in my legs might have burned hotter than the fire in my heart at the end of the Powderhorn 24, but it did not burn longer, and I’ve rekindled the racing fever.  Luckily, there are many opportunities.  There ain’t nothing like a Twin Cities summer.-Mike Jones 20 – Mechanical21 – Baiku (kind of like haiku, only with bikes)22 – Heart of the Beast23 – Lunch – tuna, olives, curry-coconut soup24 – Full Cycle bonus stop – guess the mystery – Mike won’t tell25 – Chair – may not get up again26 – The fans keep us going – especially these at 40th Street and 11th Avenue27 – Lupper – clue: it’s about more food28 – Visiting with Team Meat Mane 29 – Greenway Poem 30 – Angry Catfish (bonus stop)31 – Greenway 911 – are you kidding? trying to steal a bike?32 – Beverage – at Midtown Global Exchange – almost done33 – Crazy puppet bikes!34 – Unicycle and falling contest     Continue Reading

Powderhorn 24: Live!

Editor’s note: Mike Jones is riding and reporting for the Daily Planet at this weekend’s Powderhorn 24. Mike: “The Powderhorn 24 is a 24-hour bike race in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis.  I’ll be riding in it, if not racing, and doing some bona fide Gonzo Journalism. Check this space often for photo, video and email updates from the race.” We’ll post the most recent updates at the top of the article. (Video from June  23 below -and June 22 videos and reports are HERE.) Mike notes: “Had difficulties early with upload … the whole using technology whilst racing thing is tricky.”If you have trouble seeing the videos on this page, you can also check out Mike’s YouTube page.June 23 – Second breakfast and second bonusJune 23 – Manifest completion – ten laps and 50+ milesJune 23 – The “other” team Mike JonesJune 23 – Back inthe saddle and “feeling more racer than journalist – “hoping to get a century done.”June 23 – Breakfast bonus – and back on the bikeJune 23  – Heading back to the raceJune 22, 3:42 p.m. – Getting ready for the raceJune 18: Looking forward to the raceThe Powderhorn 24 is a 24-hour bike race in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis.  I’ll be riding in it, if not racing, and doing some bona fide Gonzo Journalism.  I’ll probably pull over during the writing.  I’ll send my updates toEditor Mary Turck via email, YouTube, or whatever other method becomes available over the 24-hour stretch.  It is expected that my writing will devolve in length, quality, and coherence as the night and morning chug along.The race has solo categories in male and female, and team categories in male, female, and co-ed.  Helmets are required, and lights from dusk to dawn. Continue Reading

Long Nights, Hot Days, Open Streets

Last week, I threw together an article listing the highlights of Bike Walk Week 2012.  Having a little over 400 words to detail the events of 10 days packed full of actvities all over the Metropolitan Area, I took a minimalist approach, focusing on data in an organized and easily accessible manner.  I hyperlinked every other word or so for those who wished to learn more.

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Plenty to experience during Twin Cities Bike Walk Week

Last Saturday was the beginning of Bike Walk Week 2012, which runs until Sunday, June 10. The nine days of the event are packed with plenty of fun reasons to ditch the car and personally discover why the Twin Cities repeatedly are ranked near the top of best-biking cities in the United States. Saturday included the Twin Cities Tour de Cure, the Northeast Ride, the Bike Walk Move Jingle Contest Concert, a Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota Confident Cycling Course, a Bike Walk Parade & Kids Rodeo, and the Minnetonka Bike Expo. Sunday included the Grand Old Day Parade, where it is much easier to park a bike than a car.Monday includes Meet Your Trail Watch from 4-7pm along the Midtown Greenway, an opportunity to learn about the Midtown Greenway Coalition Trail Watch, and the Nice Ride Minnesota St. Paul Launch Event from 1:30 to 2:30pm starting at Landmark Plaza and ending at Harriet Island, which will include a ride with St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and National Parks Superintendent Paul Labovitz.Tuesday includes a Tiny Trips Tuesday at 5:45-7pm starting at the Macalester College Nice Ride Station, which will explore places to bike to in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood.Wednesday is Women’s Wednesday. Continue Reading