Powderhorn 24: Live — the first day


Editor’s note: Mike Jones is riding and reporting for the Daily Planet at this weekend’s Powderhorn 24. This page has the photo, video and email updates from the first part of the  race – June 22.  Updates fromJune 23 are here. (Video below) Mike notes: “Had difficulties early with upload … the whole using technology whilst racing thing is tricky.”

If you have trouble seeing the videos on this page, you can also check out Mike’s YouTube page.

June 22 – Mike calls it a night – bedtime

June 22 – Burrito break at Los Ocampo

June 22 – Bonus mini-bike stop – get a mini-bike and follow the course. 

June 22 – After dark at Checkpoint 4

June 22 – Rock It stop – singing mandatory

June 22 – Fourth lap

June 22 – Third lap, second checkpoint

June 22 – Beehives!

The frst bonus stop manifest sent Mike to a beehive, sponsored by Bee’s Knees Honey Deilvery, with Community Bees on Bikes.

June 22 – – first bonus stop manifest

June 22 – 4th checkpoint

June 22 – after the first lap

June 22, check-in

“Thanks for the prizes, but we all know this race is really all about the glory.”

Gary Schiff: “Are you ready to rock? Are you read to bike? Are you ready to bike all night? … This weekend we celebrate the anniversary of the Stonewall riots … people who said ‘We’re going to make a space for ourselves … we’re going to change the world.’ … Cycling is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. … There must be room for everyone in this world.”



June 22, 6:54 p.m. – Lining up to race

June 22, 3:42 p.m. – Getting ready for the race

June 18: Looking forward to the race

The Powderhorn 24 is a 24-hour bike race in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis.  I’ll be riding in it, if not racing, and doing some bona fide Gonzo Journalism.  I’ll probably pull over during the writing.  I’ll send my updates toEditor Mary Turck via email, YouTube, or whatever other method becomes available over the 24-hour stretch.  It is expected that my writing will devolve in length, quality, and coherence as the night and morning chug along.

The race has solo categories in male and female, and team categories in male, female, and co-ed.  Helmets are required, and lights from dusk to dawn. There are checkpoints on the race course where you must check in order to get an official lap.  There will be bonus checkpoints with challenges at different times during the race to get bonus laps.  The course is approximately five miles.

I’m in the solo category as Team Jonsey.  Riding solo, my journalism won’t get in the way of a teammate’s racing, and their racing won’t get in the way of my journalism.