Pan Asian Festival brings culture to new generation

On May 4, 2014 the Pan Asian Alliance, with the support from over 35 local organizations, held its fifth annual Pan Asian Festival at the Landmark Center in St. Paul. The event aims to present Asian culture with various performances, including Asian Indian, Chinese, Dai, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Mongolian, Silk Road, Thailand, Tibetan, Yi and more.“This art festival really is for our next generation,” Ange Hwang, the executive director from Asian Media Access, said. “Because there are lots of young kids, when they learn their cultural dance, they would appreciate more to keep their traditions and culture…we are taking a different education aspect.”While enjoying the Asian dance and music, event goers could also experience authentic Asian food, experience craft makings and play carnival games.“We do feel lots of differences this year,” Hwang said. “We have a lot more mainstream audiences. Continue Reading

Are we ready for the Green Line?

After five years of getting ready, the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative says yes: we’re ready and the Green Line is (finally) almost here. Business, jobs, housing, transit access and investment were all up for discussion April 23 as the Collaborative presented the 2014 Central Corridor Tracker Report at its fifth annual stakeholder event at St. Paul’s Union Depot.St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said the Green Line represents a fundamental transformation. “I realize that it didn’t happen by accident. Continue Reading

REVIEW | For the Water: Much more than an exhibit at Intermedia Arts

On April 16, Intermedia Arts opened For the Water, an exhibit curated by local artist Camille J. Gage. For the Water showcases three water-inspired projects in the Intermedia Arts Gallery: Camille Gage’s I AM WATER, Sharon Day’s 2014 Ohio River Water (Nibi) Walk, and Ananya Chatterjea’s Mohona’s Estuaries of Desire. The exhibit features photographs, dances, and documentary journeys about the water, as well as an interactive art form to involve people’s participation and awareness for our water. According to Intermedia Arts, the exhibit also includes “the first-ever public display of Sister River, a collection of works created by fabric artists from around the world in honor of the 2013 Mississippi River Walk.”

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Tutoring at Hope Community in Minneapolis

Every Saturday, about 50 volunteers come to Hope Community center to volunteer in the tutoring program with students from different backgrounds. The children from 6-9 years old are mostly from Somalia or Mexican immigrant families. For two-hour sessions in the morning and afternoon, volunteers sit down with students doing reading and writing together.

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MN VOICES | Louis Moore advocates biking in African American community

At the ago of 71, Louis Moore bikes at least once a week with 40 members of the Major Taylor Bicycling Club, which he founded in 1999. Moore is still the president of the club. He is retired, after working 19 years in the district office of former U.S. Congressional Representative Martin Olav Sabo.Moore says, “I am interested in doing something that I can physically get out and do in a regular basis.” Instead of playing basketball as he did in high school and college, he sees bicycling as an alternative both for transportation and for daily exercise. Moore did some bicycling racing in the 80s and cross state long distance races in the 90s.In 1999, he felt the need to promote regular physical activities because of health issues in African American community. “And bicycling is the simplest,” Moore said. Continue Reading