Riverside Plaza — history in the (re)making

Of all the landmarks in Minneapolis—from the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture to Minnehaha Falls, the Stone Arch Bridge or the Basilica of St. Mary—few are as poorly understood or generate as much debate as Riverside Plaza.  Encompassing several city blocks in the Cedar-Riverside area, Riverside Plaza is a set of high-rise residential towers, built in the early 1970s, that has created its own distinct micro-community of several thousand residents within its walls.  Many know the area to be the center of the Somali and East African community in Minnesota, but what is often lost is an understanding of that community—and this place—within the broader history of Minneapolis. 

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Getting ready to reconstruct Riverside Avenue

Beginning In 2011, Riverside Avenue — one of the main arteries serving the Cedar-Riverside, Seward, and University communities — will be getting a dramatic overhaul, as a $12 million construction project gets underway to completely redesign the road, lanes, and sidewalks.  

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REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | Riverside Plaza community

Are you in any way a part of the Riverside Plaza or Seward Towers communities?  If so, we need your help!The Twin Cities Daily Planet is working on a large, multi-story reporting project on the Riverside Plaza and Seward Towers apartments, located in the heart of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. The project will include stories from several writers, focusing on the following topics:Tenant Life & Photo Essays — Karen Hollish – khollish@gmail.comBusiness Community — Sheila Regan – sheilacecilia@gmail.comCrime Reporting — Nekessa Opoti – nekessa@tcdailyplanet.netReligion & Cultural Life — Ramla Bile – ramlabile@gmail.comProfile, History, and Government Involvement — Justin Elston justin.elston@gmail.comDo you live or work in the Cedar-Riverside or Seward neighborhood?  Do you have any experience working with immigrant populations in these neighborhoods?  Are you a part of the religious or cultural life of the area? Continue Reading