REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | Riverside Reconstruction


Minneapolis is planning a $12 million reconstruction of Riverside Avenue. Do you live or work along Riverside Avenue in Minneapolis?  Is Riverside one of the main routes you take when getting around town?  Are you a cyclist who wishes it was safer or better designed?  Are you a stakeholder in the Riverside Avenue reconstruction project who has been working with the city to include your perspectives on the road? If you have stories, contacts, or information for this story, email Justin Elston —


The city of Minneapolis is about 25% through the planning phase of a $12 million reconstruction of Riverside Avenue, from sidewalks to streets.  The plans thus far detail efforts to include dedicated bike lanes, the creation of street elements to improve pedestrian safety when crossing intersections, and a variety of traffic-calming measures meant to reduce high-speed turning.  These plans, however, are still being developed, and the city has been working with a variety of stakeholders to meet the needs of the community.

The project comes as Minneapolis and Minnesota are experiencing something of a renaissance in multi-modal transportation — this spring Governor Tim Pawlenty signed into law a transportation bill that included a provision for complete streets, a new neighborhood bike rental program was started in Minneapolis, and Bicycling Magazine proclaimed Minneapolis the #1 most bike-friendly city in the country.  Will this latest transportation project continue that trend?