Prince Legacy Project Vol. II: I Self Devine


The Twin Cities Daily Planet’s Prince Legacy Project features local black artists inspired by the life and music of Minneapolis’ own Prince Rogers Nelson.

In Vol. II, artist organizer Chaka Mkali, AKA I Self Devine, shares a painting rooted–as Prince was–in Minneapolis.

“There’s often a conversation of Prince transcending race… but when you say it in that fashion it’s as if we don’t have to have that conversation around gender, race or class–what defined him, especially coming from a place like Minneapolis, that is typically eurocentric. To be who he was is like salmon swimming upstream, and is the result is the environment he created. His own universe,” Mkali said.

Watch the full video below.

Music: I Self Devine – “I Want It All” Instrumental

To catch Vol. I of our Prince Legacy Project featuring an original song by Mike Queenz, check out the video here.

To learn more about the series and the inspiration behind it, read the forward by Arts + Culture Editor Caroline Taiwo here.

2 thoughts on “Prince Legacy Project Vol. II: I Self Devine

  1. That was a phenomenally well done video and piece in general. In a world of absolutely horrible journalism and media content, this gave me great joy and reassurance. Well done on all fronts.

  2. What a true artist this man is . Our musical hero Prince would be very proud of u sir. Thank u to the great state of Minnesota and the great city of Minneapolis for honoring the greatest musician to ever live in my opinion. We love Prince then now and forever.

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