Paranoia about Occupy is what’s expensive

Hennepin Co. Sheriff has sent out a second press release on the costs of policing the encampment complete with lists of incidents they say arose from the  camp. During the first two weeks of the completely peaceful protest there was a ridiculous amount of police visibility, as they have admitted. The incidents listed are typical downtown events: someone drunk, someone diabetic. Continue Reading

Last weekend at OccupyMN

Friday evening there were a couple hundred people at the People’s Plaza for a lively anti-war rally—big banners under a big moon. Occupiers made a mock tent to tease about the law against tents. The police say tents can’t be put on the ground, so they propped theirs on chairs. Continue Reading

OccupyMN wins the prize for being organized!?

Thursday I spent the day making signs to protest the new Hennepin County ban on signs at OccupyMN, which starts Friday. I arrived at 1 pm and thankfully found two women in their 80’s who were great at sign making. One is a WAMM member who uses a walker which carries a sign, “Dissent is Patriotic” and an American flag. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | Provocateurs, police and rocks-in-a-box at OccupyMN

Hennepin County has started a PR campaign against Occupy MN. Attached is a defamatory press release sent out today at 4:30 pm by the Sheriff’s office. It emphasized the cost of the police and detailed a list of incidents at the camp over the past 2 weeks. Tonight the TV news reported on a box of bricks labeled “riot equipment” left at the Plaza without saying that the person who left it was a provocateur that the protesters had been watching. The protesters told the police who left the box and even pointed him out on the light rail platform. Continue Reading