Last weekend at OccupyMN


Friday evening there were a couple hundred people at the People’s Plaza for a lively anti-war rally—big banners under a big moon. Occupiers made a mock tent to tease about the law against tents. The police say tents can’t be put on the ground, so they propped theirs on chairs. It had a large banner that said “1 in 4 Veterans Are Homeless” and on the other side “It’s a Planet, Not an Empire.” [View the Uptake video here.]

Some Vets for Peace held an all night vigil and got serenaded by WAMM. Just when Nick was preparing yet another peanut butter sandwich and wishing for pizza, a large stack of pizzas arrived from Pizza Luce. Thursday the food had flowed in all day in a magical stream–not so much Friday and Saturday but there is always peanut butter to eat and often gourmet bread.

Saturday I was going to help sort out stuff at the Plaza, and found Victor had the donations area far better organized than I ever could have done. The energy, speed and competence of working class people stuns me. I see it every day watching the kitchen in action.

Saturday was a warm day, and suddenly I saw people in the distance carrying green flags marching around the immense fountain. The Green Party held a rousing rally near where we were sorting blankets. The Liberty Square in NY is one forth the size of our People’s Plaza. My whole body is feeling stronger from the exercise I’m getting there. For a decade my feet have hurt when I walk on concrete. But when I’m loving where I’m going, my feet don’t seem to hurt.

Sunday 100 neighbors and activists attended a barbecue/potluck at Monique’s foreclosed home in North Minneapolis There were short speeches, starting with Rosemary Williams, who’s home was foreclosed on after a similar protest last year. Monique’s large yard has a dozen tents and a big fire pit and about 20 occupiers. (There’s an interview with her on Friday’s show at After dinner many met to talk strategy and others went down to the Plaza to clean up before Monday’s  showdown with the police about the ban on overnight sleeping and signs. At there is a beautiful press release that explains the need for a big rally and a Sleep-In to save the occupation:


Monday, November 14
Come to the People’s Plaza to Defend the Occupy Movement
Rally at 5 pm
Stay after rally for Sleep-in (stay all night, or as late as you are able)!

Minneapolis Mass Day of Action Called By The People’s Plaza
Against Restrictions of Constitutional Rights

Posted on November 10, 2011 by Ghost

Mass Days of Action have been called across the country, from East to West coast. Now it’s the Midwest’s turn. Occupy Minneapolis is asking you to come join us for a mass rally and march in peaceful demonstration against the policies enacted unconstitutionally by Hennepin County, effectively limiting the right to free speech and dictating how the 99% are to peacefully assemble on The People’s Plaza. Be there prepared to march and show we are ready for an economy that works!

Monday’s Mass Action will include the support of unions, student groups, and public officials. Our guests will be standing in solidarity and committing to sleep on the Plaza in defiance of the new policies. Together, we will exercise our right to freedom of expression and to peacefully assemble whether awake, asleep, eyes open, or eyes closed.

Join us as we march with AFSCME Council 5, a union of over 40,000 Minnesota public sector workers, the Service Employees International Union, a union supported by its 30,000 members, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005, Women Against Military Madness, the Anti-War Committee, and many other unions and student groups to be announced. We are asking the unions to stand in solidarity, to organize and be at The People’s Plaza ready to march.

We are asking the student groups to organize and be at The People’s Plaza ready to march.

We are asking the taxi drivers to organize, show solidarity with us, and be at The People’s Plaza ready to march.

We are asking that community organizers stand in solidarity, organize your community and be at The People’s Plaza ready to march.

We are asking you, the one who knows something isn’t right, the one who wants to make a difference, the one who drives past and honks, the one who has had their home foreclosed on, the one who is drowning in student debt, the one who sees something wrong with our country, the one who is tired of sitting around waiting for change. We are asking you to show solidarity and be at The People’s Plaza on November 14th, 2011 at 5:00pm. To show the rest of the world that Minneapolis has had enough. That we are the 99%, and we will not take our rights to free speech and assembly stripped away. That we are ready to take our country back. That we, The People, the 99%, do have a voice, and we do have a problem.

If you wish to take part and have your union or group listed on the website please contact

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Please call the Hennepin County Commissioners and let them know this is an unacceptable denial of our constitutional right to assemble!

Mike Opat, chair: 612-348-7881
Mark Stenglein: 612-348-7882
Gail Dorfman: 612-348-7883
Peter McLaughlin: 612-348-7884
Randy Johnson: 612-348-7885
Jan Callison: 612-348-7886
Jeff Johnson: 612-348-7887
General information: 612-348-3000