Paranoia about Occupy is what’s expensive


Hennepin Co. Sheriff has sent out a second press release on the costs of policing the encampment complete with lists of incidents they say arose from the  camp. During the first two weeks of the completely peaceful protest there was a ridiculous amount of police visibility, as they have admitted. The incidents listed are typical downtown events: someone drunk, someone diabetic. Many of the incidents were bogus, like “nudity.” On a warm night two occupiers, a man and a woman, were in their underwear and police were seen talking and laughing with them. How was that a disturbance or an expense? An occupier is researching how many incidents usually happen in the area. Many homeless people eat at the Plaza

Tuesday night, (11/17/11) a couple cold occupiers sat in a light rail waiting room and turned on the heating lights. A couple transit cops went over and one got aggressive with the occupiers, claiming they were an illegal assembly. Protestors ran over with cameras and bought tickets for the two men, which meant they could sit under the heat lights legally. More cops came until there were a dozen police and half a dozen cars with flashing lights. The protestors chanted loudly “This is What a Police State Looks Like” until the police backed off, and many on both sides were laughing, but especially the occupiers. “How much did this cost us?”  they asked.  

Mon. 11/14 there was a large heart-warming rally to support OccupyMN’s right to sleep over and have signs, and the country seems to have backed down. 100 people were still in the Plaza when I left at 1 am Monday. Tues at 11 there were still 30 there, most planning to sleep over in the cold.

I wish this side of the story could reach the mainstream media. It’s seeming totally irrelevant. Even Rachael Maddow, my current lesbian shero, rambles on about Republican idiots for so long I cant wait through it for her coverage of the occupies or some other relevant tidbit. I spend all my time on non-corporate sites now. Many thanks to Daily Planet, 950 AM,, Common, Democracy and the live streams from occupies all over the world which are available through both the last two sites.

Here’s video about Thursdays protests in NY:
I want to compile a list of the best short videos on Occupy issues. Send me your favorites:

Thurs. at 4 there’s a National Day of Protest at falling bridges and cuts in funds for human needs at 10St Bridge and arrive at about 5pm in the Plaza to protest repression of OccupyWall St.another National Day of Protest. Fri. at 5 is the weekly celebration of an other week at OccupyMN. All will be livestreamed at These daily large and rousing protests are a dream come true, but I can hardly keep up with the pace of our dear youth.