Inside the Daily Planet, 04/18/11

MUSIC | Movits! and Koo Koo Kanga Roo swing by the Varsity Theater by Courtney Algeo, TC Daily Planet • When the internet told me that there was going to be a Swedish swing hip-hop group named Movits! playing at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown, I said to myself, “This is going to be stupidly hilarious. I have got to go.” I mean, come on, it sounds silly, doesn’t it? Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/15/11

Ellison introduces bill to allow permanent residence for Liberians by Nekessa Opoti, TC Daily Planet • Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison introduced the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 2011, H.R. 1293 in March, and Senator John Reed (RI) introduced the companion bill, S.656, in the Senate. The bills would allow Liberians to finally adjust their immigration status from temporary to permanent. Sick of working sick, Jimmy John’s workers ‘quarantine’ Minneapolis sub shop by Michael Moore, St. Paul Union Advocate • Micah Buckley-Farlee was born with a severe medical condition that results in the spontaneous partial collapse of his lungs. On a Saturday night last year, while working his shift at a Minneapolis Jimmy John’s, Buckley-Farlee began suffering severe chest pains. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/13/11

Wednesday: Art and taco sale supports Water Walk • What could be more enticing than art and tacos? “Indian Tacos”, that is, made with fry bread and all fixings. Both will be available for the Art and Taco Sale, hosted by the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF) on Wednesday April 13 from 10-4 at 1335 E 23rd Street. The tacos will be freshly made by Sharon Day, Executive Director of the IPTF and her sister Dorene. MUSIC | Cut Copy at First Avenue: 2011’s show to beat by Bobby Kahn, TC Daily Planet • Life must be pretty good right now for Cut Copy. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/12/11

Landlords in Dinkytown by Ben Corey and Danielle LeBreck, TC Daily Planet • The hunt for housing at the University of Minnesota is happening now for many students.  Many get their place for next year taken care of early, but several are still looking for a place to live.  In this time of urgency, students may act quickly, paying little attention to what they are signing or who they are signing with.  This video by Ben Corey and Danielle LeBreck highlights issues students have had with landlords and how they can be smart when looking for a house in the neighborhoods surrounding the U. All in the family: Legislation would allow familial DNA searches by law enforcement by Mike Cook, Session Weekly • Familial DNA is the use of family members’ DNA to identify a closely related suspect in jurisdictions where large DNA databases exist, but no exact match has been found. The process involves using the DNA found at the scene of the crime to determine if part of the profile matches existing DNA in the criminal database, presumably from a blood relative of the yet unknown suspect. This would allow authorities to focus on a potential suspect, and possibly get the first break in a case that has otherwise provided no leads. Plymouth Bridge update by Kerry Ashmore, North News • Does anyone have an extra seven to 10 million dollars? That’s what it’s likely to cost to repair the Plymouth Avenue Bridge. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/11/11

THEATER | To Kill a Mockingbird: Park Square Theatre sings the gospel of civil rights by Jean Gabler, TC Daily Planet • This is an effective production of Harper Lee’s classic, still-timely tale. MUSIC | The Joy Formidable leave a sell-out crowd at the 7th Street Entry gasping for air by Kyle Matteson, TC Daily Planet • Sometimes in music there’s “hype” that is purely that: manufactured excitement and buzz for the sake of selling more albums and concert tickets. Then there’s the rare totally justified hype based mostly on word of mouth. Thankfully The Joy Formidable fit squarely in the latter camp, and that was made incredibly evident at their sold out (just the night of though; there were tickets at the door) show at the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday night. Van White Bridge: Seeking the right timing and price by Margo Ashmore, North News • Remember the Hollman decree? Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/08/11

MUSIC | Toro Y Moi and Braids bring the family to the 7th Street Entry by Sarah Heuer, TC Daily Planet • Toro Y Moi is Chazwick Bundick, a South Carolina native who, along with the likes of Washed Out and Neon Indian, is widely understood to be one of the foundational acts in the much buzzed-about genre “chillwave.” Though there are countless opinions on how to precisely define the genre (trust me, everyone has tried), all chillwave artists seem to have one simple characteristic in common; the music is, well, chill. So when this baffling backup band took the stage, I wondered in horror, could this possibly be the chillwave show I was promised? MUSIC | Wye Oak grow roots, finally, at the Turf Club by Alex Gaterud, TC Daily Planet • Tuesday’s packed Wye Oak show at the Turf Club, with openers Zoo Animal and Callers, proved the necessity of showcasing female musicianship in a world where men still call the shots. MUSIC | Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears drip sweetness at the Cedar Cultural Center by Kyle Matteson, TC Daily Planet • Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears were one of my first and favorite discoveries at SXSW in 2009, but with an Austin band playing at SXSW you always wonder what their draw is outside of the festival and their hometown. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/06/11

THEATER | Theatre in the Round’s Hamlet is one for the ages by Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet • Someone put into words for me the other day one of the many challenges inherent in putting on a production of Hamlet, including the really fine production currently running via Theatre in the Round Players (TRP). They said, “A lot of the people who come to see the show, come because it’s Hamlet. And a lot of the people who stay away, stay away because it’s Hamlet.” A mixed blessing, and a shame, because honestly, if you’re going to see any Hamlet, you should see this one at TRP. Things are changing on 44th: New library is out, new retail is coming in by Sue Quist, Camden News • 4414 Humboldt Avenue North has been the site of many transitions in the past decade. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/05/11

Don’t miss the bus by Arvonne Fraser, TC Daily Planet • Don’t Miss the Bus:  Transit in the University District in the Age of Central Corridor.  That was the title of the University District Alliance forum I set off for at 7:10 a.m. Tuesday  (March 29) on the #2 bus, a little known but heavily used U-student oriented line. Using my new Go To card, with its senior citizen chip implanted to guarantee me that fare during non-rush hours, I heard someone speak my name.  It was our Marcy-Holmes land use committee co-chair bound for the same meeting.   Plunking down beside her, I decided we two increased the average age of the bus load by over a decade. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 04/01/11

“Bravest Woman in Afghanistan” speaks Friday in Minneapolis by Mary Jane LaVigne, TC Daily Planet • March did not come in like a lamb in Afghanistan. On the first day of the month, in the northeastern province of Kunar, ten boys aged seven to twelve were shot while gathering wood. Nine died. According to the surviving child, two attack helicopters picked them off “one by one.” A NATO spokesperson called the incident a “terrible mistake” caused by “miscommunication” with helicopter crews. Continue Reading

Inside the Daily Planet, 03/29/11

MUSIC | Dodos entrance the Cedar Cultural Center by Kyle Matteson, TC Daily Planet • San Francisco band the Dodos brought their brand of folk-infused indie rock to the Cedar Cultural Center on March 23, with openers Reading Rainbow. They are currently touring supporting their fourth album No Color (2011), a great return to form after their 2009 release Time to Die. I’d seen the Dodos twice previously, both at the Turf Club, and as much as I enjoy their records, live is where they truly shine; this show was no different. STYLE | University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Alix Nettnay by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • If these clothes were in a movie, what would it be named? Silk Skirts (1954). Continue Reading