Inside the Daily Planet, 04/15/11


Ellison introduces bill to allow permanent residence for Liberians by Nekessa Opoti, TC Daily Planet • Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison introduced the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 2011, H.R. 1293 in March, and Senator John Reed (RI) introduced the companion bill, S.656, in the Senate. The bills would allow Liberians to finally adjust their immigration status from temporary to permanent.

Sick of working sick, Jimmy John’s workers ‘quarantine’ Minneapolis sub shop by Michael Moore, St. Paul Union Advocate • Micah Buckley-Farlee was born with a severe medical condition that results in the spontaneous partial collapse of his lungs. On a Saturday night last year, while working his shift at a Minneapolis Jimmy John’s, Buckley-Farlee began suffering severe chest pains.

Hard Times emerges from closure, with makeover  by Jennifer Bissell, The Minnesota Daily • After closing its doors last week when a driver crashed into its outer wall, Hard Times Café will reopen Thursday, debuting some small renovations.

Equal parenting time proposed as the norm by Lee Ann Schutz, Session Weekly/Session Daily • Entitled the Children’s Equal and Shared Parenting Act, HF322 has a goal to equalize the amount of time a child has with both parents, and specifically addresses situations when a child is born outside of marriage.


BARATARIA | Suburbanization of poverty by Erik Hare • Poverty in the USofA is generally regarded as an urban phenomenon.  This belief has very long roots that go back to our origins as a largely agricultural nation where cities grew primarily with immigration – people who had nothing but a strong back and a desire to work.  Constant growth and government policy maintained this situation until very recently, but that is changing.

OPEN SECRETS MN | Minnesota Legislature cuts nose to smell government wrong by Rich Neumeister • The Minnesota Legislature is cutting off its nose with drastic cuts proposed to the Office of Legislative Auditor’s.(OLA)  Many Minnesotans do not not know about the OLA and what it does.  It is the investigative and the watchdog arm of the Legislature.  In other words, it is your investigative and watchdog arm.