Inside the Daily Planet, 04/06/11


THEATER | Theatre in the Round’s Hamlet is one for the ages by Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet • Someone put into words for me the other day one of the many challenges inherent in putting on a production of Hamlet, including the really fine production currently running via Theatre in the Round Players (TRP). They said, “A lot of the people who come to see the show, come because it’s Hamlet. And a lot of the people who stay away, stay away because it’s Hamlet.” A mixed blessing, and a shame, because honestly, if you’re going to see any Hamlet, you should see this one at TRP.

Things are changing on 44th: New library is out, new retail is coming in by Sue Quist, Camden News • 4414 Humboldt Avenue North has been the site of many transitions in the past decade. Remember G J’s Supervalu Store? They provided groceries and employment to our community for many years, but deciding that their business was no longer viable, they sold and Kowalski’s grocery store moved in. Three years later Kowalski’s made the same decision and the property sold again to a construction company. In June of 2008 the property was foreclosed and Hennepin County purchased it in December of 2008 for $986,500, using bond proceeds earmarked for library projects.

STYLE | University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Heather King by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • If these clothes were in a movie, what would it be named? Come to Heel.

Through May 22: ‘Untold Stories’ labor history series offers lectures, films, tours by Staff, Minneapolis Labor Review • The annual “Untold Stories” labor history series, now in its 13th year, offers lectures, films, tours and other events running from  March 27 through May 22.

All things local by Lee Ann Schutz, Session Weekly/Session Daily • Lanesboro’s population can easily double on summer weekends. The town of 780 in southeastern Minnesota is known for its scenic beauty, bike trails and quaint downtown shopping area. However, there can be too much of a good thing. As a regional tourist destination, the thousands of annual visitors create wear-and-tear on the city streets, public buildings and parks; so much so that $3.5 million in capital project needs are beyond the reach of the locals’ pocketbook. 


LOON COMMONS | Enabling a new kind of ag by Brian DeVore • It’s been argued that promoting a type of agriculture that is more environmentally friendly threatens the food security of poor people all over the world. But a special “right to food” report submitted to the UN General Assembly comes to quite the opposite conclusion. Research like this could not come at a better time- it’s become clear that lack of access to food was one of the sparks behind the recent revolutions in places like Egypt.

GROWTH AND JUSTICE | Business-backed early childhood “quality-rating” proposal must be resurrected by Dane Smith • We all make mistakes and the Minnesota House made a big one last week.    It can and must somehow perform a do-over on an early childhood measure that was defeated, in large part through the behind-the-scenes influence of social and religious conservatives in the Republican Party base.

HINDSIGHT | Progress on our doorstep: who closed Porky’s? by Jeff Van Hecke • Porky’s Drive-In served its last cheeseburger over the weekend. With the quick closing announcement, Central Corridor Light Rail Transit critics wasted little time blaming the CCLRT construction project for Porky’s demise.

MN PROGRESSIVE PROJECT | To carry a gun by Grace Kelly • Constitutional civil rights comes in all flavors. So as I support constitutional civil rights, I support the right to carry guns with a permit. A super majority of the DFL feels the same way! So in the strange alliance of supporting civil rights in all flavors, I found myself auditing Andrew Rothman’s gun carry class. (And no, I am not getting a gun permit or a handgun, just in case you are wondering.)

OUTSIDE THE WALLS | The public “lambs to the slaughter” by Dick Bernard • The essentials are easily read: “Medicare”; “under the age of 55″; “cut government spending”…. The aim, of course, is not at all to “cut spending”. Rather, it is to cut government control of that spending, so as to facilitate making even more money at the hands of the helpless.