Mehr Jay Shahidi: Is this Cold War 2?

The editors of Time magazine needed almost 6 years to pay attention to my article published in Twin Cities Daily Planet on September 8, 2008, in which I stated that Cold War Two had started (see Time of July 23, 2014). And the US government officials still do not really get it.This is a Community Voices submission and is moderated but not edited. The opinions expressed by Community Voices contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TC Daily Planet.Then, Vladimir Putin had just confronted the US by invading Georgia. Now, he has spread the new proxy war to Syria and Ukraine with more places to come. And the US foreign policy apparatus is as much to blame as Putin. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | “Boss”, Finally a Television Masterpiece

Boss is a must-see for all of us who are concerned, worried and outraged about the current shape of our social, economic and political conditions, not only in America but the world. It is a meticulously-crafted cinematic work intended to entertain while simultaneously demonstrating, questioning and wondering as to why we humans are corruptible and have been so through the ages.Free Speech ZoneThe Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. This is an open forum for articles that otherwise might not find a place for publication, including news articles, opinion columns, announcements and even a few press releases.It is stimulating and thought-provoking but deftly, subtly and politely leaves the judgment to the viewer.Not since Westwing, starring the great Martin Sheen, have I seen or heard of a fictional television mini-series with socio-political dimensions, which comes close to the caliber of Boss, an eight-hour Starz Channel production which ended last Friday.  The first season will be re-shown starting Monday, December  26 on cable, satellite and direct TV. Or, you can get it on-line.  Boss differs from Westwing, in substance, design, intent, mood and outlook. It is much more pernicious and outrageous. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | Who Can We Trust With Our Money In Haiti?

To those of you who are moved by watching the tragedy of Haiti and want to help, I would like to say that of all the many relief groups I have know and for which I have raised money for over 40 years, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) stands on top. I have worked with ARC as a volunteer for over 11 years. I know who founded it, who has managed it and who is currently on the ground in Haiti providing hands-on and life-saving services. This is the kind of organization which spends approximately 90% of its funds on the field not only providing emergency medical, water and sanitation services but hiring the local Haitians to do most of the work. And, when the cameras are gone, ARC stays there to help them rebuild their homes, their lives and their hopes. Continue Reading