FREE SPEECH ZONE | Who Can We Trust With Our Money In Haiti?


To those of you who are moved by watching the tragedy of Haiti and want to help, I would like to say that of all the many relief groups I have know and for which I have raised money for over 40 years, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) stands on top. I have worked with ARC as a volunteer for over 11 years. I know who founded it, who has managed it and who is currently on the ground in Haiti providing hands-on and life-saving services. This is the kind of organization which spends approximately 90% of its funds on the field not only providing emergency medical, water and sanitation services but hiring the local Haitians to do most of the work. And, when the cameras are gone, ARC stays there to help them rebuild their homes, their lives and their hopes.

I can assure you that those at ARC, from its founder, Neal Ball, to its board members and staff are among the most decent, honest and competent human beings I have ever met. I say this because I have had the honor of getting to know them while working with them. They are professionals of utmost integrity. Your financial contributions could not be entrusted in better hands. All their records are public and they are genuinely committed to alleviate this and other miseries in our scarred world.

Please send your tax-deductible financial contributions to:

The Haiti Relief Project

American Refugee Committee International

430 Oak Grove Street, Suite 204

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Web-Site: .

Te: 612-872-7060, Fax: 612-607-6499, Email: