FREE SPEECH ZONE | Chris Johansen’s 20-year adventure in Seward

A subtle but ever-apparent charm has always been present in the businesses on Franklin Avenue. Whether it’s the warm smile you receive when entering Welna II Hardware, or the enormous hand-crafted buckwheat pancake you devour after placing your order at Seward Café, it’s clear that our neighborhood has a personality of honesty and hard work. Such traits certainly weren’t absent in Chris Johansen’s business, Crown Video and Tanning, which recently closed July 7th. Though the familiar murals of Luke Skywalker, Bruce Wayne, and Harry Potter have since been removed, Johansen’s work as a business owner in Seward continues to shape and positively influence the community. Though Crown Video and Tanning maintained a far more iconic presence on 27th and Franklin Avenue, Johansen explained that she initially bought the video store in a 1,200 square foot property on the corner of 20th and Franklin Avenue (where Blue Nile’s parking lot now sits) for her husband to own and operate. Continue Reading